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Saw an ad on Kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist) this afternoon and snagged it up for exactly one banknote.
one bill.jpg
Whats that? A bottle of Zap paintballs. Anyone remember them?
And what about that case? Looks old. Rust on latches...
Open sesame!
Holy crap! a Brass Eagle Nightmare - original long barrel version in BRASS!
all rs.jpg
With accessories too!
wall stick.jpg

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Daaaaaamn that Nightmare is crazy, I'd certainly say that qualifies as a score. I can't imagine trying to run around carrying that thing all kitted out.
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Originally Posted by RuleOfSines View Post
I can't imagine trying to run around carrying that thing all kitted out.
some mad max shiitte right there...
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When I saw the case, I thought you had scored. I would love a case like that.
When you opened the case, I died on my keyboard.
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The Tippmann was worth the banknote. The rest is all bonus score.

Try to shoot some of the Zap at someone. I bet it's like a marble, paint has to be separated by now.....
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Does anyone read this?
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Man, you get all the good stuff.

Nice snag!
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nice snag!

what is the white on the nightmare? is their corrosion forming on the solder? I thought it was aluminum oxidizing until I read that it was brass.
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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Q: Is paintball a sport?
A: Society sucks

Join us next time for another episode of Existential MCB

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