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Happy Birthday WALZ!

In for the Carter because I've never had/used either, but the Carter looks closer to my Phantom in configuration - plus it's stock classy

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Tippmann 98s do not have problems. You've broken the universe. Impressive.
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Dang, I was going to give you my thesis outline
"Psycho-Sexual Paintball; an analysis of penile ejaculatory surrogacy in paintball marking devices"
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Not sure what the colors blue and green mean but red looks right fine to me. As I don't know you walk, let me start by saying Happy Birthday and I hope to ball with you one day... With that red marker in my hand that is

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I would love the red Carter for my daughter But im sure she would be happy with the purple sterling also.

either way i would keep it for my daughter once she gets older and hopefully i raise her right and she would want to go paintballing with her old man that would mean the world to me having my daughter play with me.

I have been meaning to build her a pump but one of these would save me the trouble.

Happy birthday Walz hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you thank you for being you!!

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Happy Birthday Walz! If I am lucky enough to be selected, I would enjoy giving the Carter to my step daughter. She currently rock a stock class Phantom with every upgrade I can find, but the Carter is just that much better a marker Plus it is red... and she likes red

The best part is she plays at least 4 times a year, and ONLY uses stock class. This year, she is having part of her birthday party at the local field, and is bringing a couple of friends to play for the first time.


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Getting back into it.
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I've always wanted a Carter and would cry so much if I won. Happy birthday!
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Chuck E Ducky
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Happy Birthday Walz!

Wow hard to decide both are beautiful markers! I would have to go with the Carter. As Stock Class Enthusiast I have always wanted a Carter but the timing has never been right. I would love to put that back on the field. That gloss red is amazing! I'm sure there are others that are more deserving of it but man I would love to shoot that beautiful piece of paintball history.
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Happy birthday man! Id be in for the carter myself, I like Nelsons and the red is pretty cool.
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I see you on every phantom related thread

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Dragon barrel plugs!

I moved across the country, if you live in Louisiana hit me up!
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Happy birthday to to the Walz!!
Ug, why must you make me chose! They both are beautiful and I would be honored to have either one. Still, I will have to go with the carter. The VSC setup is familiar and have always wanted to shoot one.
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Happy birthday

Definetly the sterling. My collection is to bland. Needs a splash of color
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Well hot damn, color me interested.

I'd pick the red Carter because it will match the red CCM S6 I have. I also regret selling the old Carter I used to have.

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