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I've been playing for 7ish years (which is nothing compared to some of you guys). It took me like an year to try pump, then I got hooked. I play a large mixture of Stock Class, Open Class, and Electro.

Anyways my experience is that pump was really pretty difficult for walk ons early, but I still really enjoyed the challenge. I eventually joined a speedball team and that is when my skill level became so much higher though, and I never left D5. Health issues arose, the team dissolved instantly. I sold electro gear, and went pump and mech exclusive walk on play for the last 2years'ish. I only recently picked up an Axe. However I felt pretty dang potent with my pump gun, only a handful of days where we had the overzealous "Im a speedballer" electro players where I really regretted not having an electro. I only recently picked up an axe for those days for those players.

If I were you and needed an electro fix, I would start trying to find speedball practice on certain days. You will learn a ton really quick. When you go back to playing walk ons you will find an electro overkill 90% of the time to the extent where it gets boring (varies on field a little bit) and crave your pump again. I went 12 and 1 with my T2 last saturday, I should probably have brought my stock class. The game will get really boring if you don't challenge yourself imo. Also just destroying people is also unfun to the other players lol.

Nothing is more gratifying than the 1 ball snap with a pump though. Something I never felt with any semi-auto.
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I've run the whole tape off the break with a pump, and gotten out on the break shooting an electro. There's always another game in 5 minutes.

I play to buy stories. Electros make it feel like Twitter. Pumps make it feel like a novel.
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So here's an idea: what if you ran a speedballish type mode with player classes. Electros and FS players can't move forward of their own 20 yard line and are limited to 300 rounds, mechs and magfed and AT pumps can move up to the 50 but can't grab the flag (likewise limited paint), stock class, regular pump, pistol or magfed can go anywhere and grab the flag.

One point for the first pull, one for the hang, no points for body count or kills. Hang by getting flag over the other teams 20 line or backline depending how it plays. Or use zone captures, or whatever. Mix it up ICC style.

Maybe add extras - pistols can use (size limited) shields, stock class are also medics who can touch a player to revive them. If you have the flag when shot you can respawn. I dunno.

So basically Overwatch paintball designed to give each style of player a fun role and with some kind of objective which you could mix up between field types. Would take some explaining and experimenting but could be cool.

That's the real issue though. Paintball players in my experience seem alergic to complexity. It would need a careful info campaign beforehand and explainer videos etc.
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towards the end of last year/season was when I knew I was getting out of Electro. This year I am putting the nail in the coffin, Between saving for an apartment, buying tires, and other life stuff I feel Pump/SC/Mech is just more My play style, I love the community, the markers, customization, and just the overall play style. I still have a 2k2 timmy for the occasional time but I am selling My Bob Long 2k12 G6R and finally using the funds to start my dream pump build
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I almost exclusively run angel leds. Nothing wrong with electric
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Need money? I buy old eclipse splash stuff..
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I feel that when I'm using an electronic gun for the day, it's all about who has the bigger wallet at the field - ie; who can feed theirs 2 cases of paint.
It has taken the thrill of the game out of it for me.
I CAN afford to feed mine as much paint as it can eat, but unless I'm playing speedball against other electro's, the wins don't feel right to me.
Having started out with SC back in the late 80's, I feel that each elimination earned with my pump is fully achieved and recognized.
I'll keep my electros around because they sure can intimidate other players, but my old Sniper 2 gets way more eliminations and respect on the field these days.
I suggest you get something like an Ego 7 and have fun with it. Pump and SC will never go away in my opinion.
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Really been enjoying the new mech resurgence.
This season I've:
Bought 2 Mech Guns
1 Magfed (sold)
1 SC gun

Still shooting for about 1-1.5 bags an outing.
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Borrowed Mr rush shoebox. Got like five people out in about as many minutes. Shot about 400 balls that game. It was fun.

But I also have just as much fun with a pump, and I'll shoot 500/day. I like the challenge, because it makes my kills that much sweeter
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Sometimes I play with all 3 in a day. Why? both because I'm nuts, I like to tinker and I try and fluctuate with the overall skill level. Also, some days I start off with the electro and shoot with slower setups as I start to run out of paint.

I like my electros (mostly now as I converted one to single trigger) primarily for the eyes. The excess speed is nice in a pinch, but the comfort of knowing I won't chop a ball while running and bouncing like a fool is just a nice feature. Bust out the mech and pumps later for an excuse to be lazy, I've noticed that once I switch gear from the "fast gun" expectations put upon me are drastically reduced.
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My first electro experience was way back, the guy who ran our field on base brought out a brand new Rain maker. He let everybody play a game or 2 with it that day, and I claimed “I’ll never own an electronic gun, give me my cocker any day”. I made it several years shunning angels and the old shoe box shockers never feeling out classed even at World Cup, or the Madrid Gras open against the pros.
I lost my resolve when the E-blade came out, and my father strapped one on my SFL. Holy s#1t I was hooked, and got back into tournament play. I have always had and played with pumps and mechs, but I got caught up in the tournament arms race in the early 2000’s faster and faster. Still practiced and scrimmaged its a pump plenty though. Our team always had someone practicing with a pump, it is the best way to train your gun fighting skills f you can shoot D-2 guys in full practice with a pump, the fire ther D-2 guys are n big trouble when you are packing an Ego/DM/etc.
Still love walking onto a field with my sniper and guys going “naw go get your ego dude I’d rather play against that”
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