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What do you think is the premier big game / scenario game coming up in 2019?

Between 2005 and 2012 some buddies and I were fairly active in traveling to big games purely for the fun of the adventure and playing somewhere different. We played Oklahoma D-Day (five times), CPX living legends (before CPX closed), the Invasion of Normandy at skirmish, a Viper event or two, and numerous local “giant big games” at places like Splat Tag outside the twin cities.

People got careers, had kids, moved away, etc.... long story short we stopped actively traveling to events.

Now looking forward to 2019. Some of of us are back in the MN/WI area, everybody has a little more time and a little more money.

What do you all think are the best upcoming events for 2019? (With say 1000+ players).
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The field closed but CPX Events is still around and putting on events at different fields. Living Legends might be the best match to what you are looking for.
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I absolutely love Fulda Gap in NC in Nov. Me and several of my teammates and teams that we are friends with travel down from the DC/Baltimore area, and have for a while now. It's a great time. You can play any style you want? Magfed/FSR? Sure. Feel like spraying? Target rich environment. Tank or Anti-Tank? No problem. People generally are good about calling themselves out, and the field has plenty of hot spots for firefights. Attitudes are also generally really good---have yet to see anyone about to get in a fight there, unlike what I've seen at some other big games/scenarios. Lots of MCB guys make the trip too.
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^ Speaking for myself about Fulda.
If you choose to go to an event there, train for a while first. Fitness training. It is VERY hilly everywhere. A good portion of the camping area and parking area is a good walk from the field entrances. The game is fun and well put on IMO. I had a great time for the few hours I was able to play, but as an older amputee, I would not go back. Just too physically demanding for my old bones.

I personally like Gator Paintballs General's Cup. The field plays well. The operator of that field has put on a lot of games, and it on a good timeframe for bearable weather for the region of FL it's in. The field is mostly flat with good cover. The only drawback I saw last game was that they didn't distribute teams every evenly, I guess due to who the XO's were and the draw they had individually. Teams were stacked as hell and those poor bastards on one side had their *** handed to them all weekend. I honestly think half that side left after the first day. I personally feel that the couple of 'factory' teams that were using this as a training springboard gave a false sense of security or confidence to them. They didn't get out of sight of their base the whole weekend long....

I really miss the MOUT events and would love to see them back. There are a couple of really good producers that left or got chased out of the sport as well. I have a few games that may or may not be what they once were on my schedule this year, so will see what comes of it.
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Just don't forget about the splat tag giant game. We still average around 800 people I believe, for the spring game. The fall giant game is always smaller. Even then it's still usually 5-600. I wish I could do more travel games, but you still need to support the local fields.

Edit. Well dammit I've tried three ways to make that link work, it just doesn't want to cooperate.

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PnL paintball in mass and OSG in New Hampshire always has good big games
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If D-Day sticks with the new scenario producers for the mini games all week long, and if they announce what they're planning on doing with the Saturday game, it's completely worth it. For now all we know is that Saturday is going to be something different. They keep saying that it'll be announced soon, but they kinda keep pushing back the date of when we'll know.

Heck, After last years, mini games, i'd go just to play them. It was refreshing and so much fun.
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Living Legends, no contest.
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Originally Posted by kevin qmto View Post
Living Legends, no contest.
Has anyone been to the new venue, Legacy Adventure Park?
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You've hit most of the big ones, but I'd suggest SuperGame in Oregon. Massive turnout, the best giveways in paintball and a really fun field to play. It's got a big open castle to fight over, bunkers and paths to clear, and some really thick brush for sneaking around if you prefer.

I keep hearing awesome things about Fulda Gap, definitely on my list of places to go soon.

Living Legends isn't the same without the CPX field IMO. They're putting on a game in Hawaii this coming year that looks kind of cool for the novelty of it.

OSG in NH puts on the best big games in New England, but they don't rival any of these other massive games. The turnout is lower, but the field is a blast to play and the reffing and everything else is just run really well.
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