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Cold weather scenario cleats

I normally wear waterproof boots in early spring/fall scenarios since it's normally cold, wet and muddy. In extreme conditions, the boots just lack traction and that needs to be remedied.

I'm looking for a fairly "heavy duty" mid/high ankle cleat. I don't want them to be super breathable like athletic cleats since I'll just end up with wet feet.

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I don't have any recommendations but just a few things to think about:

I went through something similar a few years back, was thinking about cleats but realized that many of the fields I play at have downed trees and sometimes rocks. Cleats were probably going to be a worse choice than what I was currently using (and I could risk injury)

Settled on trail running shoes with some super aggressive tread on then instead. No hard plastic or metal on the bottoms but still plenty of traction

There are plenty of "trail shoes" (without the running part) out there that are over the ankle you may want to look into

Just a thought, don't know what your fields are like though

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I play with my old pair of motorcycle boots ... i go thru a pair every year or 2, they are tall, worm and hold my ankle good and tight.

Also, I usually take the bike to the field so I don't have to carry a second pair ... So I can carry one more gun I might not use
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Have you tried any version of a classic 9"? I use Original Swat waterproof 9's and their tread is aggressive enough that I haven't lacked for traction at any point, plus since they're not as hard as cleats I don't slip on hard surfaces (wood, rock, tile, etc) either.
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Similar to what Trbo said and beyond rocks and logs, if you are doing a lot of scenarios likely you are going in and out of forts with a wooden floor or buildings with concrete or tiles floors you are going to be slipping A LOT! I wore a pair of cleats once to EMR Castle Conquest and it was like an ice rink anyplace on the ramps or second levels.

I opted for a pair of Hi-tec waterproof sneakers with an aggressive tread.
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I've been using Merrill mid-height hiking shoes for years and they have done me well in all sorts of situations
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The conditions this weekend were very muddy.... And then it started raining. My boots have an aggressive tread and they were slicks before the finale even started. I'm definitely picking up a pair of cleats for conditions like this. I like the boots when it's dry and cold.
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If it's REAL muddy cleats won't do a lick of good. They get caked up just liks boot treads. Where cleats really excel is on damp, not saturated, soil.

But if you insist on cleats I suggest ones with screw in spikes rather than molded spikes. The metal screw-ins last longer but are very slick when walking on wood, tile, smooth concrete, or other such surfaces. The plastic/polymer work just as well in mud and aren't as slick on hard surfaces, they just wear out faster. Buy plastic spikes and keep plenty of extras.
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