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My worst one was a 13ci and a tank stock setup. They were just thrown into a USPS regional rate box with no padding and were just bouncing all over the friggen palce. when I got it, there were a few holes where the reg had punched through and some of the small parts were missing for the tank stock adapter. Tank gauge had a crack but was still functional, thankfully the threads and valve face weren't damaged.
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I had a Palmers marker shipped to me in a medium rate box with a single sheet of newspaper on one side of it for packing material. Barrel was sticking out of the box when it arrived.
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I have had a usps box with an entire corner cut off and some usps tape closing the hole. A little not inside said the box was damaged and re-packed by usps employe.

The gun stuck to the tape and the glue from the tape got everywhere ... It took me a week to get he dam glue off ... and the front of the barrel was "moon shaped"
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This is the single most thing that will upset and frustrate me - poor packaging.

Sadly, the majority of the time the packaging is subpar. There have been too many to count. The worst occurrences are things poking out of the box upon arrival or zero packaging material on the inside to metal parts have banged into other metal parts and have scratches, dents, and dings.

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Man. I hate to say: I have never experienced this. Always had amazing packaging. Watch Canada post literally throw a box over my fence one time. But that’s on them...****in hooligans.
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cocker pneumatics fully assembled with pump rod in a bubble envelope. it didn't end well.
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IIsports lot. They put newspaper around a couple things and threw the rest loosely in a flat rate box. Another time I bought a raven mask which the seller crammed in the box and cracked the middle of the lens. They refunded me to replace the lens which worked out fine for me.
When I ship things, I wrap them with bubble wrap and fill the box so that I can shake it and nothing moves. It's not worth the headache of having something damaged in shipping.
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medium flatrate box with one piece of newspaper crumpled up and tossed in. no separation between marker, spare trigger, and both barrels...

that sucked.
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Had a 3k tank arrive from an eBay retailer with zero packaging inside an old paintball box. The plastic thread protector was shattered, the bonnet was dented, and the box had a bunch of holes where it punched through. I sent them photos of the damage and they shipped me another free of charge...with the same packaging. Luckily the second one only broke the thread protector.
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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
cocker pneumatics fully assembled with pump rod in a bubble envelope. it didn't end well.
I made a similar purchase a year ago. I had better luck and it delivered ok. It was the thick yellow envelope though and not the thinner white envelope.

I've had a couple of markers ship just in a box, no packing at all.
I've also had 12 years worth of plastic bags stuffed into the box as packing material... the smell was fantastic
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