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Does anyone read this?
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The Invert Mini I bought secondhand and couldn't chrony over 220FPS. I wanted something easy on paint after my Automag went down repeatedly from broken and chopped paint several weekends in a row, so I bought a Mini - what a mistake. Maybe if I'd stuck with it I could've gotten it to work - I liked everything about it other than trying to set velocity.

As much as it pains me to say it, I'll have to third the Rainmaker vote... they're just not that great unless you put a bunch of time into them, and they're still not much better until they get turned back into mechs.
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Id say, of the ones Ive used, its kind of an oddity.
Had two Rainmakers, one stock, another a Punishers custom- both leaked and acted up constantly, right up until they got to a field. They could smell blood or something.

Hands down the worst marker I ever owned was only under special circumstances- but it was the custom built Phantom by Apoc, it looked beautiful, had a CCI bucket changer mounted in the grip and a full length pump sleeve. The microline would regularly leak due to the crazy tight S pattern it had to make from its routing. And if you played anywhere with fine dirt, it would over the day get between the pump sleeve and the body, until it would make pumping it neigh impossible.
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another one that comes to mind that was a first gen niche vector. Mine chronoed fine, but I can't say the same for others...
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I'm gonna take a step toward the higher end and say the Shocker SFT. A couple buddies of mine played on a team that was required to shoot them as part of their sponsorship. It felt like every time they went out someone was having to swap out a gun because something wasn't working right.
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I would rather be fishing
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Anything that's not an Autococker......
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Proto Rail. The 2011 style model. Now the Rize. It fooled new players with its price tag. But needed somewhat competent tech skills to keep up and running. Solid performance, but targeted strangely.
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Ice epic!
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The Brass Eagle Samurai, and the original Invert Mini.
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Fan of EMR
The one muzzle loading, single brass pipe with ball valve, sink hose, asa to co2 contraption I did in secondary class with the teacher we build stuff with.
Worked «*fine*» until I filled up my almost empty co2 tank ...

I attached parts from a jt spyder clone I can’t remember the name of for now that was my first paintball mistake buying used it only worked for one game before it was too rusted inside to play. Got the frame and asa and had it installed with tie wrap on the brass pipe.

I did better doing a gumball dispensing machine ...

Le Renard Youtube Channel

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