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Worst marker you can think of?

For me it has to be the blade, I had one for a little while last year and the recoil on it was crazy, more than my vm, which was a shock to me lol
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Yeah, Blades are certainly up there.

IDk, it's hard to really narrow it down. You have bad idea guns like the Omen, badly built guns like the Blade, the cheap disposable guns like the VL/BE Walmart guns.

To me, the answer sits somewhere in the range of Dynasty Stryker and Tippmann Triumph. If those are too "obvious," I'd say the Rainmaker.

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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There I said it. It leaked. It broke paint. It destroyed its own cylinders. It was virtually useless. Looked damn cool but utter trash.
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Machine Vapor
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DP Fusion F1 and the Machine Vapor is up there on the list. JUNK
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That I've personally used? Either the Talon that would fire like every third shot, or any PPS semi once it started leaking from...well it's not the valve, but it's somewhere inside, no I checked the three-way, those connections are all fine, at least I think so, and it sometimes stops leaking after a few shots, then starts again later? I don't know, I'll take $300 for it.
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GT2000 GT VE, spyder type knock off that has a knock off dragon electronic grip frame, vertical power feed. Didn't make it through half of one game before literally falling apart. Sits in a box in the garage because it's worth nothing. Tried to repurpose the grip frame but that cracked during the process. Total junk.
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I would vote between a superbolt and a rain maker, as sold.
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You're all wrong. The Winchester marker(s). Absolute trash.
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I had an Avalon gt commando 2
Bought it when i was in middle school because it looked cool.
Leaked badly, couldnt even get 250 fps, parts were almost all proprietary and odd. Calling it garbage was giving it too much credit!

But seriously, the blade sucks
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