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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
I think its worse when your exchange PMs and haggle and agree on a price and ask for your paypal and then Poof nothing.....
This has happened to me many times. More so on PbN though.
Originally Posted by RAZRBAKK View Post
An inquiry is an inquiry, as far as I'm concerned. I don't feel bad messaging someone about an item they have for sale, only to turn it down if something comes up. That being said, I will always tell the person if I'm not interested.
I'm the exact same way. If something comes up I tell the seller. I don't want people to leave me hanging, so I don't do it to them.

This happened to me the last year I ran a team in the local league. I got promises from several individuals that they'd play and pay me (I fronted the entrance fee). I got neither from any of them save one. It was a patchwork team week after week, often playing man down (5-man). That was my last year running a team, and for the entire league for that matter. I know the '08 recession didn't help things, but no one was up front with me and I got hit with the bill and the frustration. I will be hard-pressed to stick my neck out like that for a team again.
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Originally Posted by acrewofone View Post
I don't get it, why do people promise to do something but then never follow through (repeatedly). I realize that sometimes things chenge on their end, but at least answer your PMs and let me know...
I'm currently in a legal battle with a paintball shop that owes me about $1k in wages from time I worked at the shop. It looks like it's going to go my way but I still won't see that check until about 18 months after the point that I stopped working there

It wouldn't even be an issue if the owner had some form of time tracking device but he didn't, asked me to keep track of my own hours and then tried to tell me, at first, that what I recorded was wrong. And after that didn't work that he had already paid me for about half of it even though that would have required him to pay me in advance for about 3 days of work I had not done at that point yet. Something he never did. He is still insisting he is right and I even offered to settle for about $200 under what he actually owes me just to have it over with. He refused and L&I basically found in my favor but he then contested it and it is now going to court.... With no new evidence

Some people are just terrible people, even in paintball which is typically full of honest and good people. There are always a few bad apples

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