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The gen x pack with a rap4 mag dump pouch works well for me. A bit bulky yess but I just wear it in the front and don’t really notice it makes reloads and tube dumps easy.
Bonus if you like to run capless like me.

The actual harnesses are cool but I have yet to find one that fits well they are all to big and fit super loose on me.

Shotgun belts are simple best part is it might offer more space but you don’t have to use them all.
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I am one of the few weirdos that enjoy using the PBMafia leg harness - though due to my mobility issues I don't perform slides or other maneuvers that interfere with it.

I keep 12ies in a shotgun shell pouch on my belt and sometimes two in the rings on the leg harness.

I also occasionally will wear a rothco ranger's vest which has shotgun shell loops that I use for tubes.

Empty tubes generally just get shoved in a cargo pocket.

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Originally Posted by killerito View Post
The actual harnesses are cool but I have yet to find one that fits well they are all to big and fit super loose on me.
My joyride barely fits me
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I have a PB Mafia leg harness, GxG 10 round tube harness, dump pouch and some custom 12 gram pouches made by PBTailor. For larger games I use both the leg harness and GxG harness, but for smaller games just the leg harness. Dump pouch and 12g pouches are always used.

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Another vote for Joyride w/cap-less tubes. I use a magazine dump pouch for my empties and various shotgun shell pouches to carry spare CO2 cartridges as needed. Most days the spares cartridge loops on the Joyride are enough CO2 cartridges to cover me for a couple games.

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