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Forum game! Guess my price v19, CASH MONEY

It's back!

Time for Nectaris to defend his throne

Please read rules if you have never played

1) if you are going to cheat and try to find the post on your own please do not post in the thread until after the game is over. Even if you say something like "my guess was way off" now you are giving people a hint that your answer is nowhere near it. Let people play the game, debate and and draw conclusions on their own without influence from someone who knows the answer

2) part of this game can be convincing other players to guess in a different direction. Debate, convince others that it is worth more or less before putting in your own guess.

For anyone new here is how the game works

I search around for gear a lot, in my travels, every once in a while I find gear with a odd price, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes not odd at all and right on the mark.

Your job is to demonstrate your vast and superior knowledge of paintball equipment and players and based on the photos and description guess what the asking price for the gear is.

Guess what the seller is asking for their product(s) closest guess up OR down wins.

I'm the event that 2 people guess the same price, first one to post wins

Winner will recieve a imaginary gold star and bragging rights (as they are obviously a superior intellectual compared to your puny brain) until the next round

Only 1 round this time, winner takes all. 24-48 hours, I'll call out a deadline at some point tomorrow

Title and description follows
Paintball guns and gear

Paintball guns and gear
Cash only

^^^ If you are new to the sport and need help finding gear, click here!!!^^^

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$800. Three markers x three sets of milsim 'sweet bro', three entry level masks, $200 per and then add in the paint/airsoft mask/cash only mindest.
Manchester Half Cock'D
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That being said, if you call yourself out on a bounce shot (knowing it was skill that hit you and "luck" that saved you) , you may qualify for sainthood
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$222. I’ll buy the A5 if you break that lot up.....
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Originally Posted by Carp13 View Post
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Painting happy little trees one ball at a time. - Bob Ross (if he had a paintball marker)
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