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Ol' Cheatin' Jonny
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Gear that takes a lickin' and keeps on kickin'

Hey folks,

Inspired by some of the pads/gear threads that have popped up recently, what are some paintball items you have that have withstood years of abuse?

To get it rolling, I have a Big Red chronograph that I have beat the absolute sh*t out of and no matter what it just keeps working. It's been left out in the snow & rain, dropped onto concrete, kicked - you name it. Just pop a new battery in there a couple times a year and she GOOD son.

What paintball gear has impressed you with its longevity?
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I used a 12 volt revolution in highschool, in the era of Halos and VLocitys. I packed it up for a decade, and when I wanted to play again 2 new batteries and its as good as it ever was.

As a bonus, if the batteries die while you're on the field, you're not screwed. You just have a shake and bake now.
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chuff chuff
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JT Pants, had them since before 2010 and no tears.
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The JT slider shorts I have are the only piece of soft gear I have not yet replaced.
I purchased some sliders off PBN yeaaaarrs ago and the guy sent the JT's by mistake. I ended up keeping them, and also getting a partial refund which was nice. They have held up great. Padding placement is excellent and has a cup pocket, which is not the most comfortable ever, but it works for me. However, the way the cup sits with them is much better than others I have tried, cups are just not comfortable anyways.
Also, Propper brand multicam BDU pants. Got them used off eBay long ago and aside from the top button popping off (sewed back on easily) they have yet to rip or tear or wear out. Paintball-specific pants have come and gone, but these Propper pants will always be in the gear bag.

There isn't much gear I have owned for very long, but have come full circle with my mask arrangement. First goggles ever were JT Proshield. Have owned a bunch of different things, but have landed back on a Proshield with some personal touches (Revo 2.0 ears, nifty strap).

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my stock Dye barrel sock
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Dye V3 Rotor: puchased it used close to ten years ago and it has been my go to ever since. I still think they are the best bang for your buck hopper available.

Freak barrel: same as above. It's a barrel. It works.

JT Proflex: I think my go to mask is built of parts from around 2005. As long as the supply of lenses and foam doesn't dry up (fingers crossed, as I haven't seen legit JT foam in a while), I can't see myself ever wearing everything else.

Those three pieces of gear are what I recommend to anybody starting out with used gear. I know they aren't the most popular on MCB, but I mostly play tournament xball (another unpopular activity) and that equipment hasn't let me down. Unless sponsorship obligations necessitate a change, that's the gear I use.
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Redz Harnesses, I just sold one that has been through unimaginable number of walk-on games, scenarios, and tournaments and still looked essentially new and worked great. In general I have been super happy with any Redz product I've purchased, shame they went down the way they did.

Unique Sports products, I have a Tiger Stripe 4 pod pack that I have had for at least 24 years that is most likely the most consistently used paintball item I use.

True Viewloader VL2000 (9VDC) not a Brass Eagle. I bought it new in the early 90s and it has never failed me and I change the one 9VDC battery maybe once a season my go to for a scenario or hopper ball only games. It always works and I've never had to do anything besides clean it out every once and a while and an occasional battery change.

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I have some holsters I got for my pistols through Cops911. Unfortunately the company isn't around anymore.

Now if only I could say my body can take the abuse it's taken over the years......
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I've had my Allen key set for nearly 20 years now - I bought it specifically to work on paintball stuff with, and that's generally all it gets used for.

Specific paintball stuff, though, would have to be my 1" feedneck VLbow. I got it with my first Typhoon and have had it since, almost 20 years now. It doesn't get used much at this point.
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