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Fan of EMR
MYOM Presents: June Brass Eagle

We have arrived! While the May Spyders have gone into overtime, we will continue on!

*Be sure to check out our May contest! Another big congratulation to TBD on their victory!

*All times are in EST.


Marker Of The Month:

June: Brass Eagle

The Rules Summary :
(Full rules here:

Phase 1:From now until6/7/20 you can enter the contest by posting a single picture of your Brass Eagleand a quick description. All entries added after 6/7/20 will not be included in phase two.

Phase 2: Will begin 6/8/20 and will go until 6/15/20. It is in this phase that you will all comment with your vote to move onto the final voting phase. All comments/votes made before 6/8/20 and after 6/15/20 will not be included. (For more details on how this works, please click the link to full rules.)

Phase 3: will not be included in this thread, but rather a new thread with poll options for the top five (or so) markers that moved on from the previous phase. The thread title will be obvious and along the lines of "MYOM Presents: _______ Poll" or simply "______ Voting Poll." So, please keep an eye out for that in a few weeks.

**If anyone has anyone questions, please feel free to PM me, but please don't clog this thread with anything other than entries and then votes.**

Please remember there will be prizes, so bring your A game! Remember to read the full rule thread for additional information about the contest and prizes.

On with the show and good luck!

Team Extreme Discharge
Paintball's Antiheroes

My MCB Feedback:

WTB Thread (Markers, parts, other) updated 3/3/20

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Heart of Texas
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Location: Central texas

Super Starter kit offered by Smart Parts for the Raptor

MCB feedback

If you have an eclipse spyder sight rail, Pm me please..
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New In Box Broken
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Location: Rogue's Island

Here's my Eagle Semi-Automatic:

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Stock besides the brass eagle custom barrel. Clear hopper to match, a stingray II Ice thats un-yellowed gotta count for something . Want to shorten the trigger pull by doing the classic diy mods too it but I’m so mechanically inept I know I’d **** it up. Gotta get some rubber bands for the trigger for atleast looks. Lol
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Monthly Contest Host
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: CT

Fan of EMR
Custom Jordan Mech Rainmaker
- Mad Marty Style Mods to Hammer/Carrier
- Custom Front Block & timing rod
- Custom Milled Lower Tube Window
- Air America Loudener
- The Force


Team Extreme Discharge
Paintball's Antiheroes

My MCB Feedback:

WTB Thread (Markers, parts, other) updated 3/3/20

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Brass and Wood Fan
My Golden Eagle owned formerly by Bud S. Which is stamped into the back of the receiver.

If the USSR made a 98 custom.

Sunkistsniper on XBL and Minecraft. Sunkist_Sniper on PS4.
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Blowback Throwback
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Cave and I have great taste, just saying. Here's my Raptor with the full SP kit.


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Location: Ontario, Canada

Brass Eagle Rainmaker with Warp Feed Breech

- mad marty internal mods
- gutted and cut down hpr reg for volume
- sp gadget grip
- Palmers female stabilizer
- Hogue palm swells
- Rainman Warp Feed upper breech
- AGD Warp Feed
- Bob Long Longshot 14"
Attached Images
File Type: jpg IMG_4627.jpg (46.4 KB, 304 views)
Marker Collection: 1996 RF mini cocker, 2002 RF autococker, bonzai splash RF minimag, 68-Automag RF classic, tippmann pro-carbine, tippmann flatline a5 , tippmann 68-special, smart parts 4x4 sport, tfgpb mech warped sp-1, tippmann sl68II , tippmann flatline model-98, gog enmey, tippmann mini-lite, warp feed rainmaker, mech trilogy SF , pro-team gen 2 micromag, air power apex elite pump


Meleager7 s Collection:
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I do cocaine!!!
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CCI Phantom Fan
Maybe I'll get a better picture, maybe I won't. Anyway, it's a Jordan built mech Rainmaker. I don't remember all the details right now... had a pretty ****ty day.

Morty: Aww jeez, Rick! I'm not so sure about this!
Rick: Shut up Morty!
I can haz feedback?
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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Made in Canada King Cobra With Auto Trigger, Zero Point Sight. Loves to eat paint fed from a WGP ammo box.
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