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caplucky 04-10-2006 11:10 PM

Show of hands
O.K. show of hands who here can relate to this?
You bring your main marker (or few markers in case of whores) your backup, your mask, backup mask or lens, barrels extra air, extra hoppers, large tool box (with everything needed to build at least another marker) misc. gear, and pods and harness, or 10 rounders.
Another 1 or 2 markers, extra mask, extra hopper, more extra air, another pod and harness, hell even extra cammos or jersey, for a new player or some dimwit who shows up with just his marker (which doesn't work or breaks down) hopper and maybe a half filled air tank, no tools or spare parts, and if your lucky he may have his own paint.
Now the new player doesn't bother me, because after his first game he will try and get his own stuff (hopefully) but the half arsed player (also usually the one who is emptying his marker into the nearest tree or bunker as fast as he can before or after the game, which usually leads to the breaking part) who comes with his marker with the hopper and tank allready on it and maybe a bag of paint.
Now I usually have a large bag, a few medium marker bags, a bag o' masks, a duffle o' co2 tanks, a small cooler for paint, paper towels, rags, a bag of water or drinks and snack food, and giant red chrono for a half day of play.
And if I don't do it no one will so I am stuck carrying the load for others, and a large load it is. Now I am working on others to try and get them to bring some extra stuff, some at least have there own tools.:p
"Do you have a phillips head?"
ME "yes"
"in my tool box"
"in my tool box third slot from the top far right"
Me having to stop whatever I was doing and grabbing the screwdriver right on top where I said it was.
Then usually having to help them fix their problem.
Reminds me of the Whiteboard wher Roger times their arrival on the field to someone asking Doc to fix something.
Now I know this is a pitance to some of you and your arsenals you "need" at the field.:D
But I just needed to rant that it always seems to be me, hell even my son brings an extra marker and tools to work on them with and he's only 11.
Didn't know if it's just me or if anyone else seems to fall into this category.

Also why am I the one who has to set everything up and then call everyone the night before and that morning so that everyone shows up.
*deep breath*
Whoops sorry that got out.:D :D

Walking_Target 04-10-2006 11:24 PM

i usually show up with three markers, not counting my pistol (leaving one marker at home)

mask and spare mask, two co2 tanks (pistol and other marker used 12g's)

plus hoppers, tools and ect

i'm known locally as "the guy to go to about anything expet SP gats"

almost am scared to go to the local 'field' sometimes

Uranus 04-10-2006 11:37 PM

I forgot my air tanks once :(

knightmare96 04-10-2006 11:49 PM

Totally understand that. The last time I played I was working on so many of the other guys guns I didnt get mine gassed up untill it was almost time to hit the field. When I did gas up my releatively new unplayed with gorgeous pumpmag, it leaked, and as I sat down to fix it everyone whined that they had waited too long and wanted to play now. I fumed. Put the gun back in its case and pulled out a Ranger to chrono (also a new toy I was looking forward to)

They all want you to spend time tuning the trigger on their new electronic gun, or helping them chrono their gun but you cant spend anytime before the game working on your own gear. Then They kept putting their stuff ontop of my gear. I had set my guns aside each in a case stacked neatly along the side of a little shed where we stage games. They can't seem to find a better place for their stuff than on top of mine.

Worst part is how they have to pick everything up. It wouldnt bother me if they were just careful and curious, but I lost a screw out of my ranger before we even started playing and I don't have a clue where it fell. On the positive side a lot of our regulars have started playing pump. Seeing the older guys choose their pumps over high speed semis has made play pump "cool" again on our fields. I guess we all start somewhere eh?

JOESPUD27 04-10-2006 11:56 PM

I use to, but they can fix it themselves now. I prefer to play...I know its not a good way to promote the sport/help the new guys, but I don't get to play enough as it is. I pay to play all day, not fix peoples guns.


Surge-NS 04-11-2006 12:04 AM

Yeah I feel the same way when people want to take 20 minute breaks after every game, I know it's their choice but I didn't pay to watch them sit, and I can't play alone...

Firestorm 04-11-2006 12:08 AM

I won't spend much time looking at someones gun, I am there to play not fix markers. (If I know what their problem is right off I will fix it, but I'm not about to mess around for a game trying to get it working)

I will lend them a 98 custom.

Phantom Power 04-11-2006 12:11 AM

I'm my fields fix-it guy whenever I'm up there it seems. But I don't let it cut into my play time. Between games is fine. Also, I like to charge paint for my services if it's more complicated than a simple clean or screw tightening. 100 rounds of paint to re-time a Cocker for example. If you play pump/stock you can play all day for nothing :)

MrJR 04-11-2006 12:34 AM

*Waves hand* Yup. Especially playing backyard ball. The kiddos don't even bring allen wrenches. :( I'm slowly helping the ones I see more often, and one buddy of mine went out and bought $50 in tool sets to handle anything he needs to do. I usually help fix things, but eventually, I say, "forget this" and just play. And yeah, gear bags:
1. Masks tools paint water
2. 3-4 markers swabs tanks towels misc
3. 2 markers tubes tanks 12'ies

Robertsr 04-11-2006 08:12 AM

same here. I usually bring 4 guns to the field, and the full toolkit (which fits into a REALLY tiny case for all the crap that's in there. The field owner regularly sends kids with mucked up guns over to our area and tells them to "go talk to the cobra guys".

It's not too bad though. I rarely feel like I'm missing out on a game.

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