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Tournament Paintball

Im the president of my College Paintball club... finally got one started last October!
Well anyway, our local field had a 3 man tournament, broken into two divisions. Novice and Rookie. I brought 3 teams from the college, and we played in the rookie division, because all we really do is play recball out in the black hills. Well, as it turns out, in the rookie division (Grav feed hoppers only) we ended up taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with our 3 teams. Now my guys want to get into speedball a little more, and I am just wondering what you guys would reccomend? I mean hey, if ya need to know anything about paintball, MCarter is where you should go to find it!
I guess what Im asking is do you all think we should just put a team together and learn as we go... or find some drills, practices, pick our best guys.... or just continue just doin what we do, and keep getting better little by little?
Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyJob View Post
.... or just continue just doin what we do, and keep getting better little by little?
Thanks in advance!
The only way to get smarter is by play a smarter opponent - The Fundamentals of Chess - 1883

That rule applies just as much today as it did a hundred years ago, and is true of any sport. Drills and practices will help you build plays, trust and team cohesiveness, but you need live play against better opponents. Paintball is as much a head game as a physical one. Experience and skill are your greatest weapons, even more so than a fast snapshot.

Once you feel you've practiced enough, find other locals teams and scrimmage against them. When you can beat anyone at the local fields, start traveling.

Keep playing the best and eventually you will be the best.

My last two cents of advice: practice with pumps, 'nuff said.
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he said it best man, youve gotta keep playing the best no matter what group of ballers they may be. and practicing with a pump will really develop youre game. best of luck
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Good advice above. All I have to add is to check the egos at the door. And have fun.

Andry : )

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