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"Must play" locations

For baseball fans you have to go see Wrigley field, you have to go see Fenway. These are must see destinations. EDIT Funny part: better views, better facilities, better food at almost any other baseball parks, and tickets are cheaper.

The other thread I brought up Skirmish. I have never played there but if I were to make a "bucket list" of places I wanted to play at eventually it would probably be on there. So what are the top 10 "must play" paintball fields to you. Those fields with the name recognition, the history, the "must play" attribute to them. Not that these are the best, or better than those not on the list, but there is just something special about?
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Paintball Dave's in Milwaukee, awesome lookign indoor fields.
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Nobody actually plays on MCB, they just hoard and sell.
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CPX Sports in Joilet, IL
EMR Paintball in New Milford, PA
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Fan of EMR
I'll stick with places not listed yet.

Wayne Dollack's Waynes-World, Ocala Florida
Sherwood Forrest, Indiana
Oklahoma DDay
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I think I could die happy right now after playing the Black Hills of South Dakota. Sneaking around the massive boulders and caves while avoiding 'sniper' fire from the cliffs is awesome.

I do have one other bucket list destination though, and that's D Day in Oklahoma.
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Hell Survivors - Pinckney, MI
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Trying to register on PM 'Beemer' here to get you set up.
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TNT Paintball in Victoria BC is terrifically well built and maintained, and designed with movement and fun in mind rather than longballing woods gunfights. Multiple themed fields with top quality bunkers and castles make it the best rec field in the province, not to mention the fact that TNT is host to the biggest annual pump event in Canada three years running, WCPW.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.

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Pev's Paintball, Aldie VA.
Turf speedball fields. 'Nuff said.
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I was on here last in 2010. Thanks for the memories.
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I was always told that SC Village was a must play, so I was in that part of the country for some training and decided to hit it up. The fields are pretty cool, but the refs sucked and by the end of the day I was ready to start going for nut shots just to make people think about calling out when they were hit(nothing else was working).
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CPX sports in IL for a scenario, great fields, usually great scenarios too.
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