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Still have DSG404 here, never, ever selling it.
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Still have my DSG #104 (second run). Never gonna sell it either!
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Still have my first run DSG, and won't get rid of it

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I still have the DSG I got from Freedom. Think its serial #022.
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Fan of EMR
2nd Gen DSG #007 here and it never leaving.
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...Not sure what that was
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I've got a second run DSG. Will post Serial # when i get home.

DSG1 05
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Originally Posted by Ieo View Post
I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.

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I have

DSG #DSG1 11(2nd run)
DRV #0008

No intention of selling/trading.
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Any New Old Stock(NOS) sealed/brand new in box items.
Rare limited run items.

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Hi Dukie,

Levon12345 owns DRV 1984 now.

I am glad that I got to handle your fine work. Thank you very much for all the effort you put into it!
"Hey. Did everything just taste purple for a second?"

I'll add my Feedback here, because I always forget to ask.
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DRV #187 now owned by a proshop down in Florida.

Pistol play against anything other then other pistols just isnt my thing.... took me like 20 guns and 10 years to figure that out

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1st run DSG #69 skiddish it really needs to see more use which is what I think the new feed tube will do.
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Originally Posted by pizzaluvr View Post
Skiddish is an Elliot Spitzer, if you will.
Most people don't know that skittish is the proper spelling for "jittery". Don't believe me... Look it up.
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