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Steel cored rubber paintballs....

.68 Caliber - use your Tac-8 as a less lethal personal defence weapon...

eBay: 25 rds Steel Core Tactical Paintballs (item 150112351973 end time Apr-16-07 15:43:02 PDT)
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"Do not fire them at any thing you do not intend to harm"
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Selling those on eBay, especially with the amount of fire power a paintball marker can put out, is to my mind only slightly better than selling the general public a hand grenade...
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The Sportsmans Guide used to sell 68 caliber marbles.
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I could just see these ending up in some stupid kids hands and thinking it would be funny to shoot people with them, not realizing the potential damage they could do!!
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I all most want to report the auction.
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
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Will not go through walls..
yeah, I've heard the same thing about my shoe, yet again, not true.
When bound and determined to put something through drywall, I can get it through drywall.
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I have shot paintballs through drywall, what makes these magically repellant to drywall!?
Originally Posted by Tescrash View Post
Almost only counts in horseshoes in handgrenades....
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I reported it. That shouldn't be in the paintball category. There was a college girl accidentally killed by police outside of Fenway Park a few years ago with a "munition" like that.
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