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For SALE: Shocker Grave yard

Shocker Grave Yard:
I have no idea how these work and don't want to worry about them. We got them from a field that had a tourney team and these were the team's markers. These are for tinking and restoration. The folks at Smart Parts said that you can "frankenstein" at least 3 working shockers from this lot. Parts are easy to find on Ebay, or just email Smart parts. Their prices for old shoe box shocker parts have dropped way low.

550 shipped

Email me directly if interested:
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are the majority of them complete? Do you still have any mags left?
I don't "whore" guns if I did, I would be a pimp and that is illegal in the state of Illinois.

I don't pimp I B/S/T and treat my guns like misled children I acquire them, give them some new clothes, and send them on to another loving home.
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Some are missing a plug or a bolt, but smarts people looked and said they could be refurbished. From the lot, You can get 3 up and running by scavenging parts off of the others. They said they have the parts cheap and they are overflowing in their closet. I don't know how to work on them and the club doesn't want them. We need to get rid of these by June the latest.

As for the mags, look in the rare guns forum. I posted them on there in lots of five with parts and shipping included. We have to get rid of these too.

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