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Gearbag Sale: Electros, Mechs, Soft Goods, & Misc Stuff (Send me to LL4)

Well people, I spent too much at the SPE saving my friends from themselves and buying some pretty cocker bodies to turn into snipers for the Thunder Bay Pump Club.
I want to have a little extra money for LL4 for all the cool stuff that will be there, so I have went through my gear and picked out the stuff that I just don't use anymore.

Quick rules
1) I don't ship first
2) I don't understand l337 speak, english please.
3) Anything purchase over $40 will be shipped with signature confirmation
4) There is wiggle room in the prices. Worst I can say is "No".

I accept PayPal, Money Order or Cheque

Here are the markers up on the chopping block.

#1 - '06 PE Ego -$300

Comes with Virtue OLED board, Techt Hush bolt, Hybrid Adj Ram Cap, Stock Board, Cure Bolt, Kila Bolt, Comprehensive Parts Kit, stock trigger, CP Sling Trigger, 2 sets of Hybrid grips
*This gun was my main tourney gun and has be used and shows it. There is anno wear to all the sharp areas but no major damage to the body. Gun is a great shooter and I would be sad to see it go but I just don't use it enough.

#2 - SP Ion - $100 *sold*
Comes with SS Freak Back, 14" AA Tip, 10" Freak Tip, .684/.687/.689 inserts, QEV, ANS Roller Trigger, Stock Board
* This gun was built out of leftovers from building up another Ion.

#3 - Mac Dev Droid - $400 *sold on PBN*
Comes with Tadao Yakuza Board, VP Trigger, Gold Bolt
*Just not my style, dont shoot it enough and doesn't like cold canuck winters

#4 - BT Combat - $50 *sold Leadfoot335*
Comes with Double Trigger
* I have polished the internals to make the gun shoot a little better

#5 - ICD FS7 Freestyle - $200 *traded norbinc*
Comes with JCS LPR, AKA Sidewinder, CP Trigger, NOXX Board (i think)
*Great shooter but I don't use it enough to justify having it

#6 - Armotech Zues - $25 *sold volunteer paintball*
*I don't use this gun at all and it just needs to go

Soft Goods


Reds 4+5 - $15
Empire Fastpack - $20 *pending on PBN*


Diablo (XL) - $15 *has some staining from some crappy JT paint
JT (L) - $25 *used 2x at most, in really good condition
Smart Parts Defender (L) - $10 * has some wear from playing in it for a few years


Empire React (M) - $25

Invert (L) - $30

Sly Profit - $50 *sold Saleenlmz*
*comes with extra lens

Misc Stuff
Hard Corps Torque - $25 *sold Leadfoot335*
*This is one has the original motor that would stop spinning when the paint is loaded into the feedstack. Quieter then the ones that they make now and I liked it more.

Lanyards - $2 ea or all for $6 *sold on PBN*
Headbands - $5
Sandana - $10 *sold on PBN*
Dye Ultralite - $25 *has some cosmetic anno wear *sold locally*
Stock WGP Barrel - $10
Halo/Prophecy 9V Adapter - $5 *sold Leadfoot335*
CCM 45* Black Grip Panels - $10
CCM 86* Phantom Grip Frame - $35
APP 50 Round Hopper - $10 *sold MIDWESTHIPPO117*
Tech Mats - $5 *sold MIDWESTHIPPO117*

Trades that I am interested in:
Cocker Bodies
Sniper Pump Kits
CCMs (of course)
pretty much anything pump really
CCM Cram & Jam or Stock Class Feed

Thanks for checking this out
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"Pumping is about as much a disadvantage for me as shifting is for a Nascar driver" - Ralanti (in an email between ryantuomi, ralanti and I about playing pump)
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pm'd ya
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i want those profits after this a5 sells ill be back
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my friend wants to know if you will take 275 for the ego.
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How about this + extra gripframe for the Freestyle?
S5030223-1.jpg picture by norbinc - Photobucket
S5030224-1.jpg picture by norbinc - Photobucket
Cocker shoots great no issues.Would like electro for youngest son,please let me know,thanks.
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if you've still got it the zues is coming to the south
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grip frame polished or dust
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threading on the ultralite?
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