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Karta X-valve emag and ULE emag... will part if each piece is spoken for...

I hate to do this, as I just picked these up (and the Karta is basically the ultimate mag at this point), but I prefer the feel of the matrix's and want to replace the one I traded away.

$950 or...
$450 Karta body and rail
$360 emag lowers (agd 3.2) with charger and cord for car and wall, nice panels and trigger
$30 asa and rail.

$550 (not including direct mount asa) or...
$80 ULE body
$325 emag lowers (agd 3.2) with charger (no cord... $10 from agd) and no yellow pin ($4/2)
If you really want me to provide the cord and yellow pin, fine, $350
$Something for the emag rail, or haggle with me to include it with the lowers.
$130 emag valve

Paypal is fine, but if it's with a card, you can pay the fee. Money order is also cool. Post here then pm, helps me keep things straight.

I like to ship USPS Priority, and the prices don't include the shipping (figure between $5 and $15 depending on what piece or whole gun), but as always, make an offer (with or without shipping) and we may be able to work something out.

I have perfect feedback, and will provide links to AO, MCB, PHOG and eBay feedback as requested (and PBN if I can figure out how to get my friggin thread on there without the search feature...stoopid new PBN feedback system).

Oh and I have a black trigger for the stock lowers if you'd like, and another assortment of mag pieces... Twist lock freak back, cocker all american back, 16inch all american front, black powerfeed body, stock twistlock barrel, bits and bobs (springs, shims, bolt, etc.)

Trades? I need some cash, but might look at a palmers super stocker as partial trade, oh and of course a dm6 or dm7 (I like gloss black and olive)
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I'm interested in the black ULE body if parting
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oooo.....I wanted that karta e-mag when it was up for sale the first time a few weeks ago.

Would you entertain any trades besides a matrix?

I have a pneumag, a very nice mid-blocked E2 Ripper milled cocker, a few timmies, and some other markers.

Let me know.

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Braatz, looks like the whole emag (the ULE one) is selling as a unit on AO. I'll let you know if it doesn't go through.

Artimis, yeah, it's a spectacular mag, seriously, until the electronic UMF's come out, this is the pinnicle of mag-ness, best body, best valve and an e-frame that can also me mechanical. I have always lusted after a karta (had two dallaras before, I like the kartas better), and so I grabbed this... turns out I like the feel of the dm6 better. Unfortunately, I traded away the dm6 plus a chunk of change for the Karta, so now I'm looking to get back into the matrix family. The only way I'd look at something different, is if I could easily trade it again for a dm6/7.
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Could this persuade you to change your mind?

2K+ Dust black P-blocked Ripper body
"Mock" Convertible option (sight rail removed) and Midblocked (both done by JCM)
E2 + eye
JCM bolt w/ shocktech pin
Oracle Internals
STO Ram w/ dual Eclipse QEV's
WGP Outkast Sledgehammer LPR
CP (long) HPR
CP Rail w/ CP on/off bleeder
XSV Claming feedneck

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Thanks for the offer artimis, unfortunatly I'm not a big fan of cockers.

I am prolly putting the Karta up on Ebay with a decently high reserve price, which if I don't get I will likely make a second chance offer to the highest bidder. Look for it after sunday night.
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