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99BPS 12-12-2012 05:57 PM

LNIB SP ION, Fully Upped Evil Pimp, for *TRADE*
First up is my Ion. I'm switching to pump to get back into the game at a lower cost and want to use some of my markers as trade bait. I will get pix posted as soon as I get home on Friday, but there is really nothing to see here. This is a stock LNIB Freak Green Ion. It was used in one tournament (6 games) and has seen less then two cases of paint through it. The internals are PERFECT, the reg is not even fully broken in yet. The outside of the marker is perfect, aside from noted issues...

small scratch on stock feedneck
Cosmetic "imperfections" (really nitpicky stuff, nothing really) on outside of stock barrel.
Both of these are almost instant upgrades anyone using this would make anyway, so i'm not sure it matters.

Price (as per rules) 160 shipped and paypaled because I'd rather trade

Trades:(All can be very used, be must preform almost perfect if performance item)

A/C Threaded Barrels and Kits (You add gear for singles or $)
Masks (looking for two, mid to high end)
Smaller HPA/co2 systems (Pump style)
PB Pants Size S
Single Trigger for Azodin Kaos Pump
Zero bolt for Azodin Kaos Pump
Small Pump Style Hoppers
PB Gloves

OFFER UP! Combinations of items adding to a reasonable trade value of 120 won't add anything. I'm down to add on the right deal as well.

Next up, and not sure I'm wiling to part with...

Fully upgrades Black Evil Pimp (By Epolice)
This Thread tells you almost everything and has great pix,
Pictures -

!*!*Pimped out Pimp FS*!*! - PbNation

Yes, this is an old thread. I bought this marker right before making a sponsored team. I played with it for the try outs and some practice, shooting maybe 4 cases through the marker in total during that time. Another case after that when I was just messing around or violating my sponsorship with Proto. I got rid of my PM9 when I left the team, because it held some value (and honestly I hated breaking it down and getting it ready, two many friggen Orings). But for the longest time this sat on a shelf while that PM saw a lot of use in major games. That means little has changes from those images there.

WHAT it Comes with:

New Designz EZ-Turn On/Off Combo w/Air Bleed (2nd lightest on/off made)

Newish Black Macroline Kit (2 90 degree and one straight fitting)

Dye Sticky 3 Grips

Newish Kila Instinct Magnetic Ball Detents and Eye Covers (permanent)

CP Shorty Regulator (tool marks on reg)

14inch Peperstick Barrel

New Stock Bolt (5 cases)

Ultra Light Swoosh Trigger (Cant say enough about this)
Widened Trigger Frame (Epolice did this, a little hood but works AMAZING)

7.0 Ghetto Board. Has semi, X3 Ramping, PSP Ramp (UNCAPPED)
This ****s fast.

Twisting Clamping Feedneck (I like it)

Honestly Epolice built a gun for the ages. The last case was shot basically by me and my team who were never supposed to use anything but Proto (and dye at times). They loved how fast it could rip uncapped, the marker may be big old and heavy, but few can rip as fast as this set up. And the consistency is quite impressive when LPR and reg are tunes right, but they do have to be adjusted after periods of neglect.

Price: 400OBO (not tryna sell really)
Trades: Open Class Phantom, Wicked nice Pump Markers, anything above (ion trades) in right combination with money.
Offer up, this thing is sick. If you like Impys at all, this is basically an Impy with some major modernizations and the best possible parts imaginable on the marker. Evil always takes standard markers and improves them vastly, they nailed it with the pimp. For those who like large markers this is where its at.

99BPS 12-13-2012 11:20 AM

Up we go,
got some offers on the ion, if you want it offer up!
Mask + Barrel is the deal im looking for on the Ion.

Pimp is amazing, make an offer.

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