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It's not a CCM, but it is a nice, complete, well thought out manu-cocker package. Hard to beat for the price point unless you get a deal on something used.
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I got it as a new paintball player last year. Picked it up my 4th every playing paintball. Haven't had any problems with mine. Although I've know 2 other people that had binding problems out of the box. I love mine, but I would recommend buying one off bst.

Lots of other great choices too though. Pumped cocker, phantoms, ccms... etc. Just depends now much you want to spend.
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Originally Posted by 77monteballer View Post
ive had mine for a few months now and i havent had a single problem with it. im shootin 280 +/- 3 and at ~120 psi. its smoothe and doesnt kick much at all. the first thing i did was to take the hitman lever off because i HATE those things.
What'd you do to get it that low of a pressure?
Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
I hate first strikes. My rotor just jams with every pod of the stuff.
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