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26 to 28 July 2013, paintfest, NPF

Paintfest - Delta Force Call to Arms

This is a call to arms for all the Elite Operators out there. Got what it takes to join the Delta Force team? If so, join us in tearing these Somali Militia Fighters and thier boss a new one and lets get our guys back! No one left behind!

4 of us from Task Force Delta will be leading the way with the Delta Force Team on the Friday Mil-Tac game. Head on over to the Paintfest website for all the detials - Paintfest 2013

PicsArt_1373632174330[1] by Task Force Delta, on Flickr
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Paintfest - A Domestic Disturbance - Sat 27th July

We've had an opportunity to run a 'Killhouse' game at Paintfest this year in partnership with Enola Gaye. Of course we were going to jump at the chance. We present to you - A Domestic Disturbance.

The Story

Some terrorist nutters want to blow up a house. They don’t have a bomb to do it with because they can’t remember where they put it. It’s somewhere in the house… so they’ll have to find it. It’s the job of the counter terrorist team to kill these dudes or disarm the bomb before it blows up.

The Rules

• Chrono limit 250fps.
• No Full auto, burst fire modes or ramping.
• Semi Auto only.
• Flash bangs count as kills. 5m radius or basically anyone in the room that isn’t behind ‘hard’ cover. No throwing bangs over the top of the walls! That’s just not cricket.
• Limited paint game - As many mags as you can carry for your Dye DAM, Milsig, Rap4 marker, TPX, etc. or one pods worth of paint in a hopper.
• Barrel tagging rule will be in play.
• ‘Little Boy’ (the bomb) cannot be moved. It stays where it is!

The objective

• 5 vs. 5 format.
• Terrorists (Red arm band) need to find and arm the bomb then guard it until detonation.
• Counter terrorists (Blue arm band) need to eliminate all the terrorists before they arm the bomb or defuse it if it does get armed.
• If the terrors wipe out the counter terrorist team, the terrorists win.


As this is an Enola Gaye sponsored and endorsed game there will be prizes to be won by the team that is last standing in the knock out format tournament. The prizes will be a load of Enola Gaye goodies. Still yet to be confirmed by Enola Gaye what the goodies are…

Games running from 11am until 1pm.
10mins per game.
7 games within the 2hrs.
Player count capped at 80 (eight 5 man teams – Teams A - H).
5min turn-around time before and after each game. All participating players need to be at the Killhouse at 10:50 for chronographing of markers and pre game safety brief.

Capture by Task Force Delta, on Flickr

11:00 – Game 1 brief
11:05– Game 1 – Round 1
11:15 – Game 2 brief
11:20– Game 2 – Round 1
11:30– Game 3 brief
11:35– Game 3 – Round 1
11:40 – Game 4 brief
11:45 – Game 4 – Round 1
11:50 – Game 5 brief
11:55 – Game 5 – Round 2
12:00 – Game 6 Brief
12:05 – Game 6 – Round 2
12:10 – Game 7 brief
12:15 – Game 7 – Final Round
12:30 - A Domestic Disturbance is resolved.

Last 30mins of the 2hr time slot is being kept in case of any overrun of games, injury/stoppage periods or late starts due to players not turning up on time.

Check out the Paintfest website for updates and how to register Paintfest 2013

See you on the field!
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Here you are for your viewing pleasure:
The Paintfest Enola Gaye Killhouse - 'A domestic disturbance' by Task Force Delta

Paintfest 2013 Kill House - YouTube
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