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imped4now 's Feedback

Ok I recently did a transaction with this member. There are a couple of pros and several cons. I am essentially an unhappy buyer. I have not been offered any kind of options as to fix the issue and have basically been told to deal with it. Also, i paid the full agreed upon amount promptly through paypal, before the gun was ever shipped. Seller Advertised as perfect, It clearly was not.

The deal was for a 2005 MacDev Cyborg.


Initial Communication was Good
Packaging was Amazing
Exterior of gun was as described

Did not ship when he said he would
Did not come with a barrel, separate red valve, or stock sonic stuff
Gun arrived in leaking/non working condition
When told about the issues no effort to make things right.
Communication dropped off
Advertised as perfect, was far from it.

I would expect this from some of the other sites, but i hold MCB folks to a higher standard. I was contemplating a paypal claim but have decided not to.
Buyer be aware.

My MCarterBrown Feedback:

Originally Posted by grimace
Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.

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And so there is no confusion this is the original post :

Originally Posted by imped4now View Post
Hey fellas, I've got a real gem here.

1) 2005 MacDev Sonic Cyborg--9.9/10 condition--no dings, scratches, NOTHING
Gloss black
All factory Sonic goodies
Factory case
Tadao board with manual
Stinger black acrylic grips
PBK trigger (needs some magnet work)
07 RED valve (just added, not installed)
When was the last time you came across a PERFECT gloss black Sonic? I just picked this up from a collector, the first and only other owner. It literally shows no signs of use. The breach is perfect, the frame and corners are perfect, and the barrel threads still have anno. You won't find a better condition OG Borg out there. The cool points are off the chart. I don't play anymore and as nice as it is to have something so cool sitting in my closet, I can't justify keeping it. FYI, I'm currently trying to track down the original grips, Sonic trigger, and Matchstik barrel. If you buy this and want those items when I get them, they will be shipped at no cost to you. I won't have a use for them. I've got several barrels I can add, as well.

PRICE: $400 OBO--that doesn't mean lowballs. I'd rather keep this gem than give someone a steal.

SHIPPING: I normally ship USPS priority unless otherwise specified. Explect a flat $20 shipping fee.

PICS--Don't mind the Legend, it's got its own thread.

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My MCarterBrown Feedback:

Originally Posted by grimace
Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.

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My experience with this seller is very similar to grimcpt's. I purchased a "New in box" Infinity Legend that was supposed to come with a rhino spring (not installed) a set of spd grips and the stock thin grips and all stock parts. I received the marker (shipping did take a while possibly because of customs) and there were no stock grips and the rhino spring was installed but the stock spring was not included. When I aired up the marker it had quite a large leak coming from between the body and frame. I contacted the buyer who responded by saying that he did ship the grips but did not include the stock spring. He also said that I sounded like I knew my way around a marker so it shouldn't be a difficult fix. The marker was advertised as 100% and brand new. I voiced my concerns to the seller who did end up refunding me $30 for my troubles. I didn't want to post negative feedback for this seller but my situation is way too similar to grimcpt's. I will say that I will not be purchasing from this seller again as it seems that what he advertises is quite different from what you receive. One positive for him though is he did give me a partial refund.
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My experience with imped4now was great. I had a few issues with money transferring in, but all in all, he was patient with me. Communication was present between himself and I, the deal was made and everything went smoothly from there. The marker was shipped out with DC, and had everything on it that was pictured (Droid ASA, Feedneck). This man gets a solid positive from me. I would deal with him again.
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Bought a Quest from him for a great price. Came in mail as described in great shape. Cross Border deal.
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bought his 07 nurv cyborg and came just as described!!! no problems at all with communication and shipped fast
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Bought an 07 Borg from him. Thing was beautiful just like he said. Leaked a lil from the macro line fitting, but a lil thread tape and she was good to go again. Great communication, would easily deal with again
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Bought a Red FEP Quest. Shipping was slightly delayed, but in plenty of time for legends, and arrived short of a macro line and w/ a leaky bolt guide. However, I was told prior to him shipping that it would be short the macro line and that it had not been tested in several months. Bolt guide was an easy fix (two o-rings).

Seller compensated for delayed shipping and lack of macro line/testing by including a 5x rebuild kit and Proto gun case.

Overall, I am happy with the deal. 250 for an '07 Quest w/ RSF already installed I can't complain. Seller also "made right" issues he anticipated in advance, which I think was mighty white of him. Marker is currently shooting AWESOME. XD
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Purchased 07 quest. Had it all, marker 4b bolt and a bunch of extras like additional eyes, and a proto gun case. Good communication, would do buisness again.
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Bought a 2013 JT Impulse. It had very little breach and thread wear, this was a well taken care of marker. Shipping was very fast. Communication was great.
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