Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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vv0mp's Feedback

It puts the feedback on it's post, or it gets the hose again!

I have one negative feedback from one negative Nancy.

He got mad because I didn't buy his marker after he refused to take deposit payment. Something else caught my eye, so I went with that instead.

I know backing out of a deal pisses people off, but it happens, lots.
I'm sure his wares are fine, but being a nancy about a deal not taking place? Lighten up.

Also keeps bringing up the issue in non related threads.
Get over it!

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While I have not bought from or sold to this guy I can attest his being a good person and if he ever had something for sale that I was interested in buying I would not hesitate to do business with him.

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Great guy, really goes out of the way to help in any way possible. I bought a grey ghost off of him. He shipped it fast, described it perfect, and is great at communicating. I highly recommend you guys buy or sell from him. This is how all transactions should go.
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Bought my Thumper and all I got was a lousy Reach-Around...geez, but other than that...super nice guy!

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Traded markers with him. Shipped quickly, included extra goodies, great communication. Do not hesitate doing business with him!
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Traded my AXE for a z-grip+cash money. Communication was great and shipped quickly. Great guy.
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Bought my thumper off me so he can dual wield them. (we better get bids btw). Fast communicator, easy to negotiate with, and very accepting guy. Had no problem paying a bit extra for me to ship it to Canadia-land. Payed fast too. Great guy to deal with!
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Money was send in wrong amount, non US funds, and as a gift in violation of MCB rules.
Waiting for current funds payment I find out from a random WTB that he now backed out after having to ask.
MOD that deleted this should contact me first before acting on a legit complaint.
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Sold him a JT fast boat bottom. Everthing went smooth! Thanks!

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I sold him some mask parts.

Fast payment, very easy going guy.

Sorry for the issues with my shipping..
Thank you for your time.
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