Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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We will see
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He did a halfblock conversion and an ego feed neck mod for me. Top notch craftsmanship. Thanks again.
On the subject of Holy water paintballs:
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Got a hell of a deal on a midget body and one of his pump kits, the quality of his work is excellent!
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bought a midblock kit from jcurt the parts are top notch. will buy more parts from him again.
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10 months ago sent 100.00 deposit and a 2000 rt feed with benchmark frame. Ask to be 1/2 blocked,dual pump arm and some cool milling..After 7 months contacted him and he said he had not even started.PMed back and asked for just the 1/2 block and pump kit and round off the body a bit..No return responce to that PM...9 months and no word..PMed, I asked to my marker to be returned and to use part of the 100.00 to cover shipping since at this point i no longer needed the build or the reason for the build , i received a PM back that he would try and ship the marker out and try to dig up the balance owed from the 100.00.. I replyed that i would be good if he just did the work and give me a time line (since he did not have the money to ruturn to me) when the work would be done..No answer to PM, no marker returned, no refund...I will say in his defence is that i said i was in no hurry at the time i sent the marker and deposit..I had no idea that would mean after 7months it would not even be started and have to deal with piss poor Communication ..10 months and nothing...

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I was not satisfied. I'm trying to be as nice as possible here.
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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Edit: Jeremy came through, like always. I got everything I ordered plus a bonus. I really hope things fall into place for you and you'll be able to begin making parts again - everything I have ever ordered from you is the finest quality and worth the wait.

Not looking good. I've ordered well over $1000 worth of product from Jcurt over the years, probably double or triple that.
For the last couple of years or so things have been slipping: one, two, or three months to ship the product. Communication was always good though.
I ordered 8 pump kits 6 months ago. The pump kits were made when I ordered them, all that needed done was drill/tap the arms for AT and shipping. Responses to PMs has been rare. I think it's been 3 replies in the last 6 months. I hope you can turn things around Jeremy, b/c I'll continue ordering stuff from you if you do.

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Send a message via Yahoo to greezypete

Whatever you do , DO NOT SEND THIS GUY ANY BUSINESS !!!!!!

I ordered and payed $65 for a 90* phantom frame back in NOVEMBER of 2012. I have heard nothing out of this guy for many , many months.

Can anyone say INTERNET FRAUD !!!!

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Do not use

Sent in 2 Free Flow autococker bodies. One was to be half blocked, the other chopped down to a mini.

5/22- Neogotiated pricing and time frame. Jeremy states 2-3 weeks.
5/28- Dissassembled and mailed confirmed Jeremy was still good to do the work.
5/29- Jeremy replies yes and provides address
6/3- I emailed to confirmed he had receive, however tracking shows delivery 2 days prior.
6/4- Jeremy confirms that he received today (6/4). Exchange several emails detailing specifics of job.
6/13- Jeremy states work has been completed. I reply asking for pics and total payment for work. Pics were sent back along with a total of $140.
6/16- Jeremy emails requesting status of payment.
6/17- Paid Jeremy via paypal in amount of $150. I was impressed with the speed at which work as completed. Sent mail confirming payment and thanking for the speed at which this was completed.
__________________________________________________ ________
Now where it all goes south.... ((Keep in mind i live in NY and Jeremy is in OH))
6/24- Emailed Jeremy asking if he had a chance to ship. Jeremy replies saying that he hasn't had time and will get to it "in the next couple of days".
6/28- Emailed Jeremy for status update. --No Reply
7/9- Emailed Jeremy for status update. --No Reply
7/22- Emailed Jeremy again, Threatened involving local law enforcement. Jeremy replies that he will try and get the stuff out this week and that his financial situation has been bad the past few months.
7/25- Emailed Jeremy asking if he was able to ship. Offered to send a prepaid label if he would just box my stuff and ship. He replies if i wanted to that's cool, and that he should ahve money to ship this week. Told him what ever will get it out the door the fastest. Asked for package details so i could send the label. Said he would send later today.
7/26- Jeremy asked for medium flat rate label. Told him i could send that or a regular label and to let me know. No response.
7/28- asked for status update. Replied to shoot him my address and that he has money to send now.
7/31- asked for status update. Said he sent.
8/6- Received email from Jeremy stating received back in the mail today and would fix address and send tomorrow.
8/7 - I replied asking for tracking when he ships. No Response
8/13- Emailed yet again asking for status. At this point i am 60 days out from paying. Said if i dont hear back with tracking number i will be opening a claim in his local courts and contacting local law enforcement.
8/15- Jeremy states its on the way and tracking will be sent later today.
8/16- !!!!!! Package Received !!!!!! Work looks good. But after inventorying and attempting to re-assemble... Hammer sent in to be modified for the half block cocker was not returned. Sled for half block cocker was not threaded properly and is not usable. Actuator rod for the autococker that was mini'd was not returned. Pump rod for the autococker that was minied was not returned. Contacted Jeremy for missing parts. Jeremy replies stating he will find my stuff and that his place is a mess. "Parts sitting on my table and forgot to pack them". Replied again asking size on the pump rod and he would just make one.
8/26- Emailed Jeremy yet again for a status update on missing parts. No Reply.
9/9- Emailed Jeremy again for status update on missing parts.

Transaction went fine, until Jeremy was paid. Once money exchanged hands I got no response unless it was accompanied by a threat. At this point i'm going to end up spending more money to replace parts, as i don't expect to get any response or to ever see my items. All i can really do is post this and hope that he isn't able to defraud any more of the paintball community out of equipment or their hard earned dollars, and encourage people that are owed items to stand up for themselves and take steps to recover their property.
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Took my money, sent me nothing. Excellent communication 2% of the time.

It's been a fun 9+ months, You had plenty of time to at least make an attempt to make good.

You're an embarrassment to our forum.
"We are men of action, Lies do not become us."

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