Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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Bought a cocker from ScottieB. Excellent communication. Packaged very well. Shipped immediately. Smooth transaction.
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Just got a mag pistol from scottieb. He shipped extremely fast and packaging was excellent. The pistol had some leaks that he didn't know about. He promptly refunded me some cash via paypal to pay for the repairs. This is a great businessman who covers his end. I would difinitely do business with him again.

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Location: Canada

He bought a barrel from me, he had cash in hand and always replied to my PM even if he was busy. I hope we deal together again 10/10
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Location: Canada

I bought a Shoebox shocker from him, was shipped very fast, the gun was has describe and holding it air. 10/10
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bought a micromag from him, beautiful marker! Great guy to deal with.
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Location: Amherst, Maynard, and Northampton Massachusetts.

Bought a Micromag from him, sent him the M/O, and it arrived promptly. Exactly as described, with a few extras too! A great seller with great communication; I will do business with him again!
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Brought a Evo from him. Just as described, friken awesome, and super fast shipping. Don't hesitate doing business with this scottie. He will treat you right.

Thanks again,
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Location: Seattle, WA

Sent me a Shoebox shocker - the thing is damn near mint condition, and he took the time to rewire it for 9v for me. The packaging was terrific and he even left a little note inside to help me out.
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Thanks for the Bobcat!

Lots of communications, great price, fast and secure shipping! It doesn't get any better.....

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Great experience with gun purchase

I am very new to MCB and was weary of purchasing at first, but my experience with ScottieB was a complete success.
I bought an original stock LED Angel package- everything came exactly as described. All items were included in addition to a bunch of extra bolts, orings, manual, feed necks and more.
He even included a written note with a diagram so I knew how to adjust the dipswitches for the various firing modes, very nice. I also asked him to package it extra-well since a different box recently came to me non-taped and ripped open in transit.....
Well, goodness, let me just say that the gun and parts ScottieB sent me were so securely packed that they could, and I am being totally "hypothetical" here, "could" have survived, if it exists in this universe, something comparable to: The asteroid from that Bruce Willis movie 'Armageddon' colliding with it, combined with that steam-pipe Arnold Schwarzenegger threw and impaled that guy with at the end of 'Commando' hitting it, combined with that laser cannon that the Predator shot at Arnold in 'Predator' shooting it, combined with being lifted/impaled onto a giant cave icicle like Stallone did to that guy in 'Cliffhanger', combined with Steven Segal slamming it into a table like he did to all those guys in the bar in the movie 'Out For Justice', combined an entire team of Brett Favres using it as a football to play against another team of Brett Favres cloned from the first team, combined with a Chuck Norris backfist/roundhouse kick combo, combined with Burt Rynolds' mustache, combined with Peter Griffin singing that song 'Can't touch me' and even then, even then it would have still made it to me alright.....Geeze, my head is about to explode just thinking about the awesomeness of all that stuff combined.....
Anyway, you get the point- I would definitely recommend doing business with ScottieB. -KingAcquisitions
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