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P90X2 Coming this Fall

For you fitness nuts out there that talk about P90X... The Sequel is coming soon.

Youtube Trailer:

Official Link:

P90X2 Workout - P90X2 Pre-order Available September - P90X2:The Next P90X -
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that's pretty awesome... they did release a supplemental P90x+ not too long ago too.

one of the downsides of the program (IMHO) is that it really is more effective to use dumbbells, which not everyone has. Although they do give instructions on how to use the bands instead, a lot of the exercises aren't specifically geared towards using them and it can be cumbersome to get full range of motion

I never actually finished the original P90X program either but the overall concept behind it is really good and it WILL give you a great workout
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I'm actually really looking forward to this. Did P90X lean earlier this year, about halfway through phase 2 of P90X classic, after that gonna do doubles, the I'll definitely check out P90X2.

And Twilight's right, the problem with bands is that they give progressive resistance, so unless you really focus on your isometric hold at the top of each rep, it just doesn't offer the workout you'll be looking for (and if you do focus on the iso hold, its tough to keep up with the moderately quick pace of the videos)

If you are starting from scratch, you can just buy 3 or 4 pairs of weights then increase your collection and get bigger weights as necessary, so the initial cost isn't too steep.
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Originally Posted by Twilight View Post
I never actually finished the original P90X program either but the overall concept behind it is really good and it WILL give you a great workout
My youngest brother is the only one I know who actually finished the P90X program. He lost a lot of weight put on some decent muscle for not doing any serious amount of weight lifting. I tried one of the yoga workouts with someone who was several weeks into the program. It was a really good work out. It's not for me, though. I'd rather lift weights in the gym and do 10-20 minutes of sprint intervals for my "cardio" days.

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I finished p90x about 2 years ago and since then I have lost in total around 80 pounds by just staying on the same diet and better eating I did while on the program. I use to just eat doritos and drink soda all day basically now I only drink water (tons) and eat mostly healthier things if I can.

Wanted to start it again but might just wait until this comes out instead.
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