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playing with old toys
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this was taken just off US 2 over looking Coulee City Wash. on last summers trip to Vancouver Island.

We drove west across the top of the US and back through Canada, a fun trip in the old Mercedes.
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starts off small at first
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"Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others which have been tried." Winston Churchill

THE-SHOOTIST Anyone chubbin' like me for this?
mailmanmike Since Monday! That's more than 4 hours though, so according to those cialis ads I should see my doctor.
tlane77 I think for a non-chemical chubby it's 6 hours before its time to see a doctor. So you should be good for another couple hours.
splattttttt I wasn't goin to google "chubbin" because I assumed it had to do with fat. The lard type, not the fun stuff. But what ever feelings Jeff's experiencing, then they must be of the fun like stuff...
tlane77 He's got a woody for your woods.
splattttttt land
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Chuck E Ducky
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Brass and Wood Fan
New Daily 2002 Allroad 2.7TT stage 2 with down pipes secondary cat delete. Air is tricked to sit lower to. Going to give it a flashy vinyl wrap in the summer when it warms up. Got a killer deal on it $6000 I payed. Having a wagon is going to be great for paintball. I’m going to camp right out of it. Ordered a blow up mattress that fits right in the back.
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Rubber Duckies - Ninja Squad - 518th Brigade

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Sold my 04.5 ram 3500 recently and went back to a smog exempt diesel. This time a 95 f250 with a powerstroke. Got a great deal on it. 4500 and its only got 120k on it.

Also traded one of my welders for 99 outback (kinda got shafted on that). Making lemonade out of lemons so I built some lift brackets for it (about 2-1/2") and got some bigger tires. Actually gonna be working on this one today. I need to cut the fenders, and the doglegs in the rear, to clear the tires. Then I've got some scrap square tube to make into a front bumper. Eventually I'm gonna roll the whole thing with bedliner.Name:  1547318844237.jpeg
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Lease ended on my WRX and since manual transmissions are going extinct I just got another one. STi this time. I've come to accept this will probably be my last manual transmission car.

When this lease is up the next model year will be 2022 which requires mandatory automatic braking on all new cars. No way car manufacturers are going to incorporate a clutch override for the few of us still rowing our own. Especially in the under $40k pricepoint.
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the oddballer
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This is linda aka my first real car that actually works.
$900 initial investment follows by about 1500 in parts and labor mostly done by me
She runs great but think I have a spin bearing or the pistons are loose has some rattle but not knocking.

Here is the car I am trying to get a loan for fingers crossed 13k 1965 351w five speed. Litteraly my dream car since I was 7
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Still a broke college student
The odder the better
My pb colllection is worth more than my car but you know life choices
Feed back
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Straight ballin'
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I had a '65 Mustang in high school. 289, 4-speed, front discs, and painted like a GT350 even though it was a notchback.

Originally Posted by SuperActionMan View Post
I drive a basic '00 Nissan Frontier reg cab/5-speed/2wd day-to-day. Not worth talking about really. I think it's a POS anyway compared to the Toyotas I had before.

Has it been three years already? Just one week after that post the awful Nissan got replaced with an '04 Tacoma that I can actually imagine owning for 10 years.
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Post Whore
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Fan of EMR
Midnight edition
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Here's mine...

Yeah, obviously I'm talking about the white S10 in the upper right corner
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Originally Posted by William the Third View Post
Here's mine...
Yeah, obviously I'm talking about the white S10 in the upper right corner
69 or 70?

My 69 Mach 1 is still awhile away from being done.
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