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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
I've never had any personally. if there is a particular day I choose not to smoke it with my buddy and he's smoking it with me in the room. I'm not coughing and hacking like I would if it were cigarette/joint smoke. Nor does it smell horible in the room. there might be some second hand effects but I'd bet they are much more mild than a standard cigarette as they are far less additives in hookah tobacco than in cigarettes
from Edward C. Rosenow III, M.D.
It's a myth that hookah smoking is safer than smoking cigarettes. The tobacco is no less toxic. Hookah smokers actually inhale more tobacco smoke than do cigarette smokers because of the massive volume of smoke they inhale.

Hookah — also called narghile, shisha and goza — is a water pipe. The device has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Asia to smoke tobacco. Now, hookah bars and cafes are popping up across the United States — fueled by the growing popularity of hookah smoking among teens and young adults.

The hookah device consists of four parts:

A base, or smoke chamber, which is partially filled with water
A bowl, which contains tobacco and the heating source
A pipe that connects the bowl to the base and dips into the water in the base
A hose, a second tube in the pipe that does not dip into the water but opens into air in the base and allows users to inhale the hookah smoke
When a smoker inhales through the tube, a pressure difference forces air past the heating source and heats the tobacco, which gives off smoke. The smoke is pulled away from the tobacco and passes through the water and into the smoke chamber — from which it is inhaled by the smoker.

Although many believe that the water in the hookah filters out all the "bad stuff" in the tobacco smoke, this isn't true. According to a World Health Organization advisory, a typical one-hour session of hookah smoking exposes the user to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette. Even after passing through water, tobacco smoke still contains high levels of toxic compounds, including carbon monoxide, heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens). Hookah smoking also delivers significant levels of nicotine — the addictive substance in tobacco.

The trend of hookah smoking has doctors and public health experts concerned because — despite claims to the contrary by many users — smoking from a hookah is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

Thought you out to know,
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bull****. thanks for posting that so I can clear things right up on the health concerns:

Shisha tobacco is NOT the same as cigarette tobacco. Usually its devoid of chemical treatment, though pesticides can still be present (but should never be, in good shisha). the tobacco is of thicker cut and better grade, and is cooked differently.

Most shisha is rated at 0.05% nicotine content by weight, which means, in an average sized bowl (the size you would smoke with friends), its got about 2-3 cigarettes worth of nicotine... but nothing close to the levels of the other chemicals. Tar is not produced in any considerable amount in hookah smoke, because of the low temperature "baking" effect, rather than total combustion into ash, like a cig. there is a fair bit of co2 being inhaled with a hookah, but you smoke it slowly enough over time it has no real detrimental effect on you.

also, that figure about 100-200 times the smoke volume compared to a cigarette is ridiculous. think about it. a cig lasts you, 10-20 drags, in say, 3-5 minutes. sharing a hookah around, you take drags muuuch slower, and although slightly bigger drags, and for an hour, its also split up. anyone smoking a big bowl of shisha to themselves for an hour would have to have a serious tolerance to smoke and nicotine, I know i'd feel sick if I smoked by myself for that long.

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The first time I smoked Hookah was at my dorms. I had a bad experience because no one told me there was weed in it. It's not fun to be high when not expecting it, I had **** planned that night! lol
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weed should NEVER be in a hookah. although its traditionally viable to put hash in there, mixed with shisha
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I've smoked hookah regularly for about 5 years now. To answer a few questions:

Charcoal: I've had the best luck with the brick design or the natural coals. They will take a longer time to get lit, but they will last longer and burn smoother than the black Quick Light coals. I find the quick light coals to have a burn and they do add a nasty taste to my smoking IMO.
These are my favorite: Easy-Lite Hookah Coal

Shishia: Smoke what you like, rule of thumb basically applies to the more it costs the better it is. Starbuzz is one of the more popular brands out there on the market and I highly recommend it. Only thing I do suggest to people who are shopping for Shisha, look for expiration dates. Allot of online places will sell expired Shisha and you can tell the difference in the tobacco.

Longetivity of a Hookah. - If you properly take care of your Hookah it will last for ever. The only parts that will need replacing are the rubber grommets and seals on the hookah. I clean my hookah out every time after its use to keep it in pristine condition. By cleaning it after each use you do not get a bunch of different flavors lingering in the hookah and the flavors of the Shisha don't get muddled together in the pipes and hose's.

Multiple Hoses - Go for it. Most hookahs’ now have a small ball bearing one way valve for multiple hoses hookahs so people don't have to hold their thumb over the hose when not taking a drag from the hookah. Allot of people will opt for a rotating base hookah, and I recommend staying away from them, they tend to get wobbly and that leads to burns on the coffee table and rug. If you want it to rotate, get a lazy susan.

Adding wine to the water - I do this quite regularly. It will add a different flavor into the smoke and make the experience more enjoyable. It will add the flavor to the inhalation and mixed with the right type of shisha can come our really good. I can't speak for using hard liquor in the hookah but that's just me.

Hookah a safer form of smoking - No it's not. Shisha does not have as much additives and chemical as normal cigarettes and what not but, it's still smoking and isn't good for you in the long run. Most people believe the water acts as a stronger filter for smoking but in reality, you are still inhaling smoke through your lungs and a hour session, even with multiple people is almost the equivalent of smoking an entire pack. But again there are way too many variables that come into play.

Let me know if you have any other questions about smoking Hookah, I'd love to answer them.

I'd also recommend this site for purchasing a hookah. The staffs there is very well informed and prompt to customer questions.

Buy Hookah Tobacco, Shisha & Hookahs for Sale at
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I know this is extremely off topic but. . .

Every time see this thread title pop up I instantly miss read it as "Hooker Smoking" and I always ask myself "Is that safe?" "Do they wear protection?" "Is she clean?" and "Is Hurtcow some how involved?"

Ok back to your thread.
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Originally Posted by commandoman
Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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^^ LMFAO. Thanks for the good chuckle I sincerely needed one this morning. You my good sir just made my day a little brighter by making me laugh


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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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I always enjoy it when people tell you inhaling smoke into your lungs this way (or from this plant vs this plant) is better / safer. Might it be marginally safer? Maybe,and thats a strong maybe. Is it safe. No, inhaling smoke into your lungs is not safe. That being said, if you enjoy it, and understand that, go ahead.
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It's not safer, not by a long shot. It jsut doesn't burn as much. That's it.
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I have a hooka if anybodys interested. I think 2 not really sure. just pm me.

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