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I love the Walking Dead comics, hopefully this turns out well too.

Not too sold on the casting-not awful, but not great. The guys playing Rick and Shane aren't great-Rick looks a little banjos for my taste (Also strangely like Virgo Mortennson) and Shane needs to be a lot bigger. Not awful, by any means, but not quite what I was hoping. Although the guy playing Dale looks perfect.
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I love how they kept the atomic pawprint shirt. Nice.

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
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Serious potential. I need to check to see if I've missed any issues.

Rick and Shane are a little off, but look at the rest. It's like the comics used those people as models.
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I'm suprised zombie fandom is still going as strong as it is after a few years. It is starting to get a bit old at times though.
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The only zombie show I like was Ugly Americans and it wasn't really based around them. Z-day movies are good but as a series it isent very likely to be very good unless it is a "guide" show.
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Hope this turns out well. I just wish DirecTV had AMC in HD.

As far as tiring of Zombies, they keep coming up with material that is fresh, even though it's basically the same story over and over. I think one of the best movies last year was Zombieland, and I didn't think anyone could pull off another comedic zombie movie after Shaun of the Dead.

I don't know why, but after my teenage years, horror movies (other than classics) don't appeal to me like they used to. However, I still enjoy a good zombie flick.

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Originally Posted by Party View Post
I'm suprised zombie fandom is still going as strong as it is after a few years. It is starting to get a bit old at times though.
TV and comics are about storytelling. Good storytelling has conflicts that challenge the protagonists and grip the audience in such a way to keep them wanting more. Zombies are a good, generic challenge - they're not politically incorrect, you don't have to explain how they came about (as the creator, you can figure it out in your head just so the Z's stay consistent, but you don't have to reveal that reason... in fact, it creates more tension if your protagonists and audience never truly knows), and, at the moment, they haven't been overused to death. And for the zombies to be believable, you don't have to go all sci-fi-y and set your story far in the future, it works in pretty much any time period. Look at the weird re-writes of literary classics like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Give it another decade and we'll be back to aliens or monsters or Nazi's or Islamic radical terrorists as our staple all-encompassing bad guy.
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Comic-Con preview of the upcoming series.

It seems as if to beef up the scariness factor they've adapted the Zombies to be fast-moving instead of the classic Romero type Zombies that I think made the comic series great for a Zombie genre. Comic being more accurate to actual Zombiism. But like all things in media some times what works on paper doesn't work as well on the screen. Not sure how many issues there are, I only have 75 .cbr files so maybe it's only at issue 75 dunno. I'll have to look into getting the actual comics, absolutely love the set so far.

Makeup looked superb, they did a sweet job from what I saw from that trailer. Realistic/scary looking Zombies is going to sell the show well.
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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ChaplainBane have you read that comic book. its not just zombies its about group of people trying to live there live and find place to live and not have to worry about zombie. for most of first 3 years i read the book they hardly had any zombie in story line it was about group of people. have to find way to live.

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