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Holy crap, the 48 frames SUCKS! for The Hobbit anyways... I can't wait to see it again in 24 frames so I can forget what I saw... it looked so CHEAP.
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I just saw it in 2D.

I DID notice a weird, fast, strobe motion blur when the camera panned quickly in vast outdoor scenes. It was weird... like the background of the picture was vibrating into blur. I'm not sure how to explain it.
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Well I saw the Hobbit again in 3DHFR last night and I actually found it to be better than standard! 3D I can do without (though I've never liked it) but the HFR was actually rather pleasant. A little odd at the beginning as everyone else is reporting, but the choppiness was virtually nonexistent and actually made the movie that much more enjoyable.

As for accentuating how fake everything was I didn't really notice it, though I was probably able to forgive the fake sets having seen it alreadying in the standard movie. The CGI actually looked excellent as well, much better than my first viewing.

Has anyone else compared the standard movie to the HFR and what do you think?
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Saw it on Monday at a matinee, very empty theatre (was great). 3D, no idea if it was the higher frame rate or not (probably not?). Overall I was very pleased with the movie, I like the tie ins to LOTR and I'm looking forward to the next parts. I think they did a really good job putting it into 3hrs.
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Just watched it last night, and while it's not totally faithful to the novel, I'm very much okay with all of the backstory and side story elements that were included.

No, did not watch it in 3D, as I'm still convinced that 3D (even in HF3RaSAKGSHPI or whatever the **** that acronym is... like we need any more acronyms in our lives) is nothing more than a ploy to get $3 more out of my bank account for an already overpriced ticket. We all grew up interpreting 2D images on a flat screen just fine, I'll be interested when they offer fully interactive holograms, but 3D is still just a gimmick.
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Watched the 2D a few days ago, I came into the theatre thinking it was going to be a drag based on the reviews I unwillingly had seen in newspapers and what not. I left pleasantly surprised, but it isn't a movie I'm going to remember, atleast not in the same way I do the LOTR movies. 48fps as opposed to 24fps I didn't really take notice of.

Anyone else notice that the scenes where Bilbo finds the ring is different in LOTR and the Hobbit?
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The Russian word for Hobbit is: Хоббит
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Saw it yestarday. it had some great scenes (dwarves arriving in the shire, the gollum cave scene, the elv/wizard council) but other than that, a lot of it felt like they were attempting to stretch the movie longer. There were so many fight scenes that ended with one person almost dying, and the rest of the group(or gandalf) showing up just int he nick of time.
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