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Sold my glock and a S&W sigma for a sig p220 and have never looked back. I like having some sort of saftey. Besides not pulling the trigger. Also polymer guns are not for me I like a little weight to mine because I shoot 45.
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Also buy a shotgun nothing fancy and a ruger 1022 or marlin 60. Bullets are cheap and you can have some gun.
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Size:  171.6 KB got this for cheap and it has been one of my favorites to shoot. Super accurate.
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Everyone has an opinion on what's best. And that's all they are, opinions.

I would definitely suggest going to a range that rents guns and try holding and firing as many as you can. Get a feel for what fits your hand the best. Try different calibers as well.

What will the pistol be used for? Just shooting for fun, home defense, concealed carry? Each use is going to have its own set of requirements. For fun, hard to go wrong with a .22. Cheap ammo. For home defense, you'll want a more significant round (usually 9mm or larger). For concealed carry, you want a signifcant round, but you also want to keep in mind size and concealability as well as safeties (or lack thereof) etc.

I wanted a pistol for shooting and possibly home defense. I tried a few different guns. I bought a S&W M&P9. It fit my hand perfectly, 9mm is a good round (affordable, less recoil, yet still good power), and it was within my budget.
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If you need to ask online for information on basic firearm stuff, you are likely not ready to own one. I only say this because judging by your post you don't know a whole lot about them. I do not mean this as a flame or negative post in any way, but PLEASE, please, please educate yourself as much as possible on firearms before you buy. It is not a toy, it can end a life instantly.

Read online about your local laws, calibers, makes, models, general safety and maintenance, THEN come back here with some back round on the subject. I feel this is a better way to go, both for safety and for finding a gun you will really enjoy.

Again, this is not a flame, I just don't the idea of un-educated people owning firearms.

Look up information on local firearm forums, they have a wealth of information on both safety and different makes/models.
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Pistols are great fun. My dad used to shoot competition rifles back in the 80's and I'm just myself getting into pistol shooting. Going to get my PAL with a restricted endorsement and then I'm looking at Ruger MK III in .22LR just for plinking around/club level competition shooting. Not to mention .22LR is one of the cheapest rounds ever for target shooting. I will agree though that if you have to ask about the basics you should probably take a firearms safety course first before investing. Another great way to gain experience with different pistols is guest shoots at local gun clubs. That's how I got into pistol shooting. $15 at the local club for a box of 50rds and a loaner .22 and then plink away. Did that a few times and then said well I want to get my permit so I can get my own. I will also admit club members are awesome in that they are more than willing to let guests try a mag through their guns to see if they like the fit/feel. That's how I get attracted the Ruger, a club member had one and I really like the look of the grip as it really looks like a sheridan he let me try it and it felt just like a sheridan pellet pistol I already own and love so I decided based on the feel of it and how it shot,good and straight with just a little barrel rise that that was the gun I was going to invest into. Not to mention the MK III brand new is like $300

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.

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Glocks if you are looking for a fun shooter that is reliable. there is a reason more than half the police agencies in the US shoot them. You can throw the thing off a tree, into a woodchipper and have it still shoot all 15 rounds
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Just like paintball guns, each real gun has a different feel. So you really need to try them out before you buy.

For example, glocks are great guns but, for me personally, I don't like the angle of the grip, I always have to point down, where a S&W sigma is perfect for the way I grip a gun. It is dead level when I raise it up. So that is my home defense gun (in 9mm). It is also a great low cost target gun. I've put about 800 rounds through mine so far... (course I have a target range in my backyard...).

I also recommend a .22. I personally love the Ruger Mark series. I have a Mark 1 (my grandpa's side arm in Korea) and a Mark 2. I shoot them all the time. And you can drop a groundhog easily at 75 feet with one shot, with some practice. I've put about 1,500 rounds through my .22's this year, as I really enjoy shooting them, and it is low cost.

The 1911 is a nice gun, and shoots really well, but it is a limited ammo gun, and pretty pricey to shoot.

For conceal carry, you can't beat a Kel-Tec or Ruger LCP. My pops has the sig version, and they are all nice guns in .38. Easy to conceal, and reliable.

Personally I don't like guns with safety's but again it is a personal thing...

best thing to do is take a conceal carry class, I took one with the local police department and they let me try out a bunch of guns in the shooting part. Which was really nice, as back then I didn't have the cash to buy the guns I was thinking about, just to try them out. It made me realize I didn't like the angle of the glock, and pushed me towards the S&W.
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