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Need a new video camera

My video camera broke so I need a new one. Here are my requirements.

HD capable
Records good sound (I'll mainly be using it to record Sunday morning worship at church)
Can take SD cards (unless it has a lot of built in memory)
Has a zoom feature
Long battery life
Under $250

I've been looking at a Sony Handycam but I want some suggestions from you guys. Thanks.
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I run a Sony Handycam with a built in 60gb HDD and offers HD. Great camera as I have two batteries I can get 4 hours off each but cost wise new, I have no idea. The handycam is a great platform and usability.
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Thanks for the suggestion. Im gonna go out to best buy and check out their cameras!
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Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15 1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera Body Only 15 MP 221860 012345623752 | eBay

Josh, save up a little more and go for something of the like. DSLR cameras can take awesome videos.
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I recently bought this to use as my ZoomCam. It works really well, and you can get batteries on ebay for under $20. for large capacity... I can get like 3 hours record time with one battery at 1080HD.

Refurbished Sony Full HD 8GB Flash Memory Handycam Camcorder HDRCX210 B 027242842175 | eBay

I was using a HDR-SR1. Which I had a wide angle lens for, I did a demo video quality test between the two cameras, (with the wide angle on the SR1).

Here is the HDR-SR1

And here is the new HDR-CX210B, with the standard lens. (little wider than my old camera, but not as wide as the wide angle lens on it).

Personally, I stick with Sony camcorders, as I've looked at tons and the quality of the sony steadycam is the best I have seen.

The sound on the HDR-SR1 is unreal, it records in 5.1 surround sound and does a great job. Plus it has a stereo input if you want to go from the soundboard. Limitation was the size of the hard drive, mine was a 30 gig. Which would be plenty for a church service.

The CX210 sounds decent, but I was spoiled by my SR1...

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Just bought myself a HX20v from SONY , Video is AWESOME on it and the camera is recommend because of the video feature. 20x zoom and 1080p/60 is awesome
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