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Need help with car audio/sirius radio

Recently I decided to change out my radio on my truck. I purchased the truck, and it had an aftermarket pioneer radio in it (Pioneer AVH - P7500 DVD). This radio has since gone bad, and I purchased a new one (Pioneer AVH X-3500 BHS). I have had sirius radio since I purchased the truck. I believe the first owner purchased a lifetime subscription (back when you could) because it has been 5+ years since the original owner sold the truck and the sirius still works. The problem I am having is that the new radio's sirius hookup is different than the old one. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to connect the two systems. Sirius and Pioneer both will not help. (Sirius says I am not the original purchaser so they can't help, and Pioneer says to call Sirius or purchase a new Sirius system)

Here is a picture of the back of the radio.

The round plug on the right is what the sirius should plug into

This is what the plug coming out of the sirius box looks like.

This is the sirius box that I am using.

This is what the connections in the back of the sirius box look like.

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Whoa those are huge pictures. Anyone know how to make them smaller?
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more gooder
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ouch, rehost them on photobucket or similar. that will allow you to change the size when hosting them. I dont thin kthe attach photo option allows you to resize them at all.
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That looks more normal on my screen. hopefully it does on everyone elses too.
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I'd try to google for a Serius forum, or maybe's forum to find someone familiar with the two DIN plugs. I'm sure someone has the schematics to make the unit cross compatible. I also wouldn't mention that it was an old subscription payed for b someone else; less someone will not offer you help and simply tell you to buy your own. Little white lie it and say that it was your old unit payed for by you.
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I'll bet money you can buy an adapter.

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Unless pioneer makes an adaptor, which sounds like they didn't you might be sol. The newer radios use the new style sirius tuner while yours is the older style. The only other way would be to get the orginal account holder to do an esn swap on a new tuner but that's probably won't happen unless you know then personally.



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Or cut and splice that plug to the new style plug.
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