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Home owners insurance

Anyone familiar with Home Owners Insurance? I have a "loss of use" clause that states if I cant get to my house due to natural desater or evacautation the insurance will pay for food and lodging. The insurance is through citizens but Im not sure on the details and of course I cant get though on the phone.
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Try talking to your agent.
Its understandable that insurance companies would be slammed with calls due to our continent both flooding and burning simultaneously, but if your agent has trouble getting through to get a claim filed, then when things calm down its time to shop for a more reliable company.
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If your trying to call with a cell phone try with a landline phone.
Disaster areas can have extremely high congestion with wireless.

Call corporate as well and not the local agent if you still can't get through.
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well call your agent and calm and cool when you do. since tons of people been calling them being unhappy or unruly to them. also if insurance agency give you run around try fema or lawyer. since will help solve issue at hand. also since to many people got damage in some states. going take time for them get to place for check and figure out if or what money they will give to cover damage. now if you get fema help and have no insurance. be warned you will have to get insurance. since will take back if you do not get insurance
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The only time I've used my homeowner's insurance so far, it took so long to actually get money I had already paid for and done repairs.

It was nearly as big an event as going on now, just a wind storm knocked a lot of trees into a lot of houses, but it was enough to really slow down the insurance companies.
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