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Dihydrogen Monoxide Awareness

I heard a reference on the radio today about Dihydrogen Monoxide, also known as DHMO. The host is an instructor at KSU who often assigns an extra credit report on this substance to make sure people understand it's real consequences. These reports provoke much classroom discussion.

I wanted to make sure you know the facts.

Facts about dihydrogen monoxide

Also, the lesser trusted Dihydrogen Monoxide Wikipedia has been used as a reference.

I have to confess that I have casually used Dihydrogen Monoxide, even allowing it into my home. Do you do the same?

Doing my best to make everybody else look fast on the field.

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Awful substance. Should be banned worldwide.

The only way to make it safe is to bond it with electrolytes. Which is a very expensive and dangerous endeavor to boot.
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It does have it uses. Occasionally. When I come home contaminated from interaction with the pedosphere, DHMO is one of the better ways to rinse the vitiated areas.
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I heard some beer companies like Coors and Budweiser have been adding it to their beers... totally unacceptable.
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Should be called "dihydrogen oxide" pretty ignorant of ypu
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Confession: Sometimes I use DHMO to enhance my performance when playing sports.

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but I need it to run my turbo encabulator!
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by stimpy
don is on the path to everlasting coolness
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OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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I am actually allergic to DHMO so I try my hardest not to come in contact with it.
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Terrorists are always trying to get their hands on this stuff. They already crazy amounts stockpiled.
They're just one step away from making WMD's.

And it's sad that our government does nothing to stop power plants pumping this stuff into our atmosphere. Trace amounts seep into our soil which makes it's way into our food.
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DHMO is responsible for over 3500 death a year, in the US alone. That's almost 10 per day! DO NOT try and breathe this stuff!
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