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Strange and bizarre movie recommendations?

Hey MCB, I've been on a movie kick the past few years and I'm beginning to run out of new things to see. I'm looking for movies that are for all intents and purposes weird, insane, or downright stupid. Before we get ahead of ourselves I'll put down a list of things I've seen. I'm also not looking for things that are terrible on purpose (I.e trolls 2, sharknado, ect)

Here's stuff I've seen and enjoyed.

Big man Japan
Pink Flamingos
Forbidden Zone
********** from outer space
Almost every Monty Python movie
Coach Carter
Max magician and the legend of the rings
Mazes and Monsters (tom hanks inside)

I've kept out a lot of classic comedies such as blazing saddles, 1941, and Dr. Strangeloge because those are basically normal at this point.

Come on MCB, weird me out.

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Did you create an account on here JUST to talk about your fascination with Britney Spears, or do you play paintball on the side as well?
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Bad Juju
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Ever listen to the podcast "How Did This Get Made?" I suggest you start at the beginning, it will fulfill your every terrible/wacko/insane/strange movie need.

That being said, and they haven't done it on the podcast, but I recommend "Kitchen Stories." Picked it up on a whim at Blockbuster like 20 years ago. So good.

Edit: It was released in 2003, so I guess it was only 15 years ago.
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I need this!
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Six-string samurai = Pure weird-*** camp.

*Edited with a couple more*
Freeway is a weird take on Red Riding Hood
Pi for low budget brainy sci-fi
Akira if you've never delved into anime
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Brass and Wood Fan
Kung Fu Hustle.

Avoided it for some reason then bought it in a discount bin. Low expectations going in and made me laugh unexpectedly.
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Does anyone read this?
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Anything with Bruce Campbell.
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Iron Sky and Iron Sky 2 (not released yet, so it may not actually be any good).
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Ooooh. My specialty!
Teeth. Ichi the killer. Oldboy (the original is better then the American one with josh brolin.)
Battle royal 1&2. Raid: the redemption 1&2 (one of the best hand to hand fighting movies of the recent decade). Tokyo gore police is weird as hell but awesome as well. Then there are the classics like cannible holocaust and other horror type movies like that. I know I’m missing out on a lot but those are for starters at the moment. Do you prefer horror type of weird movies like John carpenters The Thing?
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An American Werewolf in Paris (the terrible sequel to the classic)
The Five Venoms (some would call it a classic, old school kung fu)
Intruders (Odd story, flew under the radar)
Shivers (Classic schlocky horror)
M.F.A. (Clint Eastwood's daughter in a revenge film)
Violet & Daisy (Not sure how to explain this except girl child killers, but bubblegum-y?)
The Handmaiden (Japanese weirdness)
Pet (Horror weirdness)

Not all weird or bad totally throughout but definitely some strange, odd choices in all of them at least.
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Thursday with Thomas Jane is another good and crazy one.
Irreversible is more than crazy. So is Derailed with Jennifer Anniston and Clive Owen.
Also the movie, happiness. That one is almost scarring in such an odd and ironic way.
Another favorite is Employee of the month; NOT the one with Jessica Simpson. The one with Christina applegate and Steve zhane(?). That’s a great comedic super plot twist kinda film.
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Me and my friend used to grab whatever looked cheesy when Blockbuster was still in business.
This was just when we were old enough to buy booze on the way home. That may or may not have been a factor.
Anything with Gary Busey, really.
Also, a suggestion many won't offer: the Mario Bros. movie. The trick is to not think of it as based on the games, just consider it another 90's Fifth Element wannabe. Then it just ranges from "not as bad as I thought" to "OMFG, really?"
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