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Since have a lot people near 50ís

Just turn 48 and still young in my mid to early 30ís. Also was not for doctor tell me i have arthritis now and would never found out because of this. Most you people did not know i worked in laundry place that wash all medical clothes and what we get back from hospital and clinics. In September i had cart that weights about 80 to 100lb fall on almost got killed. But for some reason i have nine lives like a cat. Go where company sent me to. Then send me to hospital take care of me. Do not know how why did not brake back or fracture skull to. I got sent back work 4 days later with really sore back. I do not know how survived it at all. Or how did not brake back. So all most back to normal now but still sore and light work for now. How do guys my age still get up and so paintballing every week or other week or once a month. Still fit and do things too. If was still living in so cal could do more. But humidity sucks i fl
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Wow, lucky escape. Glad you made it with no major damage.

Welcome to mid-life (crisis). Sounds pretty normal to be grappling with increasing physical limitations. Pretty soon you will be acting like your parents and only talking about health ailments and the weather.

As for playing, I only hit the field during the good weather, maybe once a month in the Spring and Fall. And I never run anymore, more like a leisurely saunter around the field. The good news is there are plenty of young kids eager to "take instruction" from the "old-timer" on where to sprint on the field off the break. And I can usually sneak around and mop up the stragglers at the end once the action has died down.

Different roles, still having fun playing.
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58 here, cancer survivor, arthritic knees and hands, lower disc degeneration in back
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cant run and play like I did 20 yrs ago, so I pace myself on the field now
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54 yesterday, have almost died 3 times in the last 10 years due to health issues. I still play paintball, not as fast for hard as I used to but I still play and surprise people occasionally. I do what I need to do to play and play "safely". I now wear enough joint support to start feeling like a cyborg along with compression wear. I take "blood thinners" and my doctor would love me to stop playing but I just wear slightly heavier clothing then I used to and make sure I am mindful of my bruises. I had to take a couple weeks this fall off to recover fully from excessive bruising before I got back out to play (Why I missed Cougar's Game). It is just part of life now so I need to adapt to still play but still play I do.

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I am building a tank to stay on the field.
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No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
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I must have missed that memo


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Iím 46, I became a father four years ago and I feel like Iím 70. My entire upper body is basically shot now. I couldnít even pump my damn gun for a few weeks early this year. Kids really kick the crap out of you.

In the summer Iím fine, really, but winters... I love winter and snow and awful weather but now my joints and tendons really really donít. Iím at war with myself.
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On the gulf coast, take fall through spring as your play season. For a while, I stayed away from summer play completely. I got rid of some medication and lost some weight, and now I can play in the heat again. Part of our pump play games is pizza for lunch. The real challenge for everyone is the summer games after lunch.

Small fields with fewer people lets you play more games for the amount of movement you have.

Statins almost killed me with muscle atrophy and kidney stones. I thought I was going to die on the sofa with perfect cholesterol numbers. After diagnosing my new gout condition, I dropped the cholesterol meds and just started working out more. Cholesterol, workouts, and gout have been going the right way ever since.

My youngest is 17, so my kids are low maintenance at this point. It can be hard to prioritize a workout. Try to find something your joints like to start with, then let the boredom push you into more therapy related training.

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what sucks i want to do more ride bike or go for long walks or do more stuff. but since still not cleared can not do much. since do not want to break work comp rules. still have hard time lifting heavy things too. also back still get sore off and on. so base on what i do or way sit or lay sofa or sleep in bed cause pain and stuff. what really sucks no one turn in my last paper work to get me to see chiropractor so therapy place been order me work and had to have walmart complain or find out why order did not get okay. glad have this week off
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57 and ibuprofen is my go to. Believe me my shoulders are shot from work ( 4 wsib claims over the years) but I still play a bit besides working on the cars and aircraft.
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