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Very nice Jimmy.

Love the color - my first car was turquoise (66 rambler american). Is that a factory color?
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Good choice for automotive fun. I had a red '77 L-82 with a 4 speed during high school and college. Fantastic car. Unless things have changed, or people are jerks in Jersey, expect lots of friendly waves from other vette owners. I've been thinking about getting another vette, but then I would need to free up garage space and I don't want to replace any of my current rides yet, and I never drive my Camaro so a vette would probably suffer a similar fate.
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Thanks for all the compliments... Like most things we buy... I got it home and took it apart... Did the tune-up and it made a HUGE difference in the rough idle...

Right now I got the inner front fender wells out, trying to dig out the AirBag sensors mounted on the frame rails in front of the firewall... Nothing like getting something and digging into it... Good way to get to know the car and safe a bunch having someone else fix it... I got a peksy AirBag idiot light on and it won't got through inspection until it's fixed but I knew that getting into it and accepted it in lieu of the price...

List... if I post any pic's now she's naked !!!!

Battery came out pretty easy as you suggested Goerge

Wild.... Yeah I had gotten use to that riding the motorcycle... same extended family feeling... It has happened once in the vette already...

Vette's had this color for 3 years.... once in the 60's then '90 and '91 ... only 600 in '90...

Things I'm doing now.....
Full Tune-up and ignition coil upgrade...
New Gatorback Serpentine Belt...
Modifed the Filter box and installed a K&N filter...
Ordered a Cat-Back FlowMaster II exhaust...
and taking off the 10 pound metal Frisbee Chevy mounted on the water pump Chevy did this only a few years to stop some vibration in the belt when the A/C kicks on, Totally useless and they stopped it soon after....

doing this should Free up about 50 HP without touching anything serious....

Then I may acutally drive IT.... only did 60 miles so far
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