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Without geting into the discussion to much I would say call and see about geting it dropped or reduced. Just be very POLITE while either on the phone or at the courthouse. As to the comment about power triping pysco cops. Well I have a friend who happens to be the 2nd shift captin here where I live and he has something to say about the personality of police officers in general. He feels strongly that it is a very thin line between a police officer and a crook. That they take simular outlooks and personalitys for an officer to be effective. Thats not saying that a cop is gonna do something illegal or is out to do something just becouse they can only that it takes a like minded individual to get the job done. Now as to the Power Triping portion I worked with an officer who was drummed out of the force for being shall we say overly enthusiastic and met another who was flat out fired less then 2 months out of training for being on a constant power trip and acting like Tackleberry. All in all I would say that cops put up with alot of stuff that we as an average citizen never come across if we are lucky. Even in small towns where you would think that the worst thing that is hapening is some speeding and a little bir of pot traffic or an occasinal fight at a bar. They put up with things you dont even hear about in the news paper or on TV and alot of it is just plain screw up. You wouldnt believe some of the stories and stuff my cop friends have related to me.

Err back on topic anyways sucks that it happened just be civil when you talk to whoever and see if you cant get it dropped or significantly reduced.
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Originally Posted by commandoman
Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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Originally Posted by Wharf Rat
I got a ticket two days ago for parking on the side walk. My wheels were about 2 inches over the crack, on a road that is really narrow. I was trying to be safe and I'll pay $35 for the pleasure.


Fight it anyway.
See what the judge says for one of the few people that would fight a parking ticket.
Nobody ever does, The judge might be humored enough to let you off.(or at least reduce the fine
Unless of course the actual court costs are way haigher than the ticket
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A few words on HOW to fight it...

Ignorance is only an acceptablre defense if it is reasonable. Did the park have posted hours at every entrance? If not you can't be expected to know the park hours.

If the signs are present, are they lilluminated? I can't read in the dark. I don't assume anyone else can either. Do they mention tresspassing, or a fine for tresspassing?

Was the officer responding to a complaint about the noise you were making?

Offer all of this to the judge. Then own the fact that you were there and shouldn't have been. Offer that you a good upstanding person and that had you known you were in the wrong. You wouldn't have been where you were if you had known better. Apologize.

Most judges will be happy to give you a break if you treat the situation with respect.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Sometimes you have to know when to run. ;-)
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I'd like to chime in here - if this happened in NYC, than 92 bucks is getting off easy. Here, it boils down to you were in the park after dark, you will be found guilty, and have to pay the full fine. They don't care if you were leading a prayer vigil for the poor sick children of the world. They don't care about your financial situation. What they do care about is getting money out of you. If you want proof, here's a little story - a bunch of years ago, a friend of mine was out and about, and he wound up parked on a street alongside a public park, he comes back to find a ticket on his windshield for parking in a public park. Outraged, he came back the next day and took photo's of the street sign, and the area, none of which mentioned no parking. He goes to fight the ticket, he points out to the arbitrator that even the ticket proves his innocence as it mentions the street as to location. The arbitrator response? "You're 100 percent correct... GUILTY, pay the fine".

Be happy you weren't arrested and detained for not having photo ID.

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I forget the town in WV, but their revenue skyriocketed in the last decade or so by ticketing everyone who went over the speed limit at all.. (68 in a 65 kind of stuff) but only if they were form out of town, so it would be a hassle to fight it.

The guy who literaly owns the town (owns most of it and is the mayor) came up with the idea and it has worked... at least for them.
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92$! WOW.

We only got a bit more (100-110$) for 111mph in a 65mph zone in Indiana ! (I LOVE YOUR TRAFFIC LAWS and STATE TROOPERS!)

Must be Tax-a-chu-sets. Let the legislative branch do their job, it was an enforced law, with perhaps a ridiculously high fine, but the unscrewable heads the special intrests 'elected' in your community created that. The cop was just doing the job, and sometimes they get a bit robotic about teens after being irritated by enough of 'em. Maybe he didn't get any in a while either, never know.

Regardless, you got the fine, so talk to the judge and see if you can get it lowered or kicked.
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Azzy here's something you might find interesting: In New Jersey, if a local cop writes a speeding ticket, the township/county has to split half the fine with the state, BUT, if they issue a citation for "driving in an unsafe manner", which I think they can only do if you have no points on your license(because the ticket has no points), the locals keep 100 percent of the fee.

You would be amazed at how many of them they write.

A couple of years ago, the Newark Star Ledger did an expose' on local municipal budgets and how much of it comes from "creative revenue sources"(tickets). the winner was a small town down in South Jersey that was near an exit of the GSP - total was 20%, something like 8 million dollars a year.

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