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Sick of ebay?

(Also posted at MCB)
A new auction site has opened, created by a Canadain, who was fed up like most of you with ebay fees etc. not much in the way of paintball stuff yet, but the site is not that old. It is a work in the works. To me it looks like it is off to a good start. I wouldn't mind seeing it grow.

They also donate 5% of their profits to worthy environmental causes.

I have not read over the agreement or anything along that line yet. Just doing some heads up to let you check it out. (It is blasted all over Toronto subway station for about a week or so)
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I don’t think e-bay fees are that bad. It is just that folks always seem to want something for nothing IMHO. Of course folks could put up their own site and sell things… but that would cost money too, unless it was on a free hosting account. Then they would have to get folks to know their site and stuff was there. hmmmmm I guess e-bay isn’t really that bad after all.

Seriously, e-bay does have its issues, but you can't buy that kind of exposure and sales potential for anywhere close to what the fees are.

May I point out though that their “worthy environmental causes” is their own organization? So they are not giving 5% of their funds to worthy environmental causes but to their own organization which in turn gives to other organizations. How much of that money is spent to run the organization and pay its employees, and how much goes to the “environment”? And then when they give to other organizations, how much of THAT goes to the “environment” vs the operating expenses of that organization? The “charity” game is a huge money trap which in many cases makes those who donate “feel” good, but does not do what they think it does. And when I looked at the site there is no information on who really gets the money, what is being done, or anything. So it may be a bit soon to jump to any conclusions as to how much of a benefit these folks are. To me it looks like making sales off the back of an idea of doing good.

I will also warn to read their policies, to me it seems like it is an “at your own risk” venue.

I simply warn that folks actually look into things and not just see how it looks on the surface.
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Most charities suck up the lions share of donated money to cover operating expenses. You would be amazed what it seems to cost to run one.
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If you ask those telemarketers who call aking for money, most try not to tell you because they are real low. For instance one that called only gave 7% to the organization it was advertising for.
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