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Originally Posted by Gabe
*Drooling all over keyboard* MmMM....Warwick....

I've got a Rick 4004 and that thing rips, I'm a HUGE Ric fan, but...Warwicks have a SHWEEET sound. I've played a Warwick and it played great. My next bass will probably be a Warwick or a Ric 4003 (I love the Ric-O-Sound feature).
I'm also a huge Ric fan! Over the years I must have owned about 8 different ones. There was a time long ago when they were not actually super expensive...
My biggest problem with Rics that I've found is that they're not consistent. I've had one (that I sold like an arse) that sounded GREAT - that trebly crunch with just the right amount of bottom end to anchor the mix, then I've had ones that sounded like an amplified wet rubber band through the exact same amp that defied all attempts at making it sound better. Dont know why that is but I guess it's just like anything else.
I love Warwicks because, at least in my demented mind, they're the closest sound to a Ric that you can get without having to hunt down one that sounds like you want it to. The last time I recorded with it, it came out sounding more like a classic Ric than my Ric did!

</end thread hijacking>
We now return to our regularly scheduled thread topic...
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I suggest that at fall castle we all get together and Jam...

the CC Fall Jam event!
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i played the violin in middle school for 2 years and gave it up. i wasn't any good.

for all you bass players, you need to check out Gov't Mule. Mule has some killer bass lines and guitar too. you should get "The Deepest End". it's a 2 CD and 1 DVD set that is live and it has an all-star line up of bass players. your missing out on a damn good show if you don't have it. here's a link.
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I have a mexican Fender Jazz Bass that I got in Chelsea (there is a joke in there that you would have to be from Mass to get) and a Dean a/e Performer Pl;us that I got when I was in Baltimore on a long weekend.

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Correction, Guitar went bye bye. Borrowing it from orch. teacher, but since she's pregnant and leaving soon, she'd like it back. Now one must decide Guitar or Car?
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I suck at guitar.
I want to get rid of this Fender Tom DeLond Signature ed

or trade for one of these...

come with stand, E-tuner and amp.
You think I'm asking to much?
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splattttttt I wasn't goin to google "chubbin" because I assumed it had to do with fat. The lard type, not the fun stuff. But what ever feelings Jeff's experiencing, then they must be of the fun like stuff...
tlane77 He's got a woody for your woods.
splattttttt land
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For a Fender Tom Delonge, yes. If you have a Gibson Tom Delonge, hell no, but you'd be getting the **** end of the stick on that trade. Without an autograph I'd put a Fender Tom Delonge less than $400 in excellent condition. That one may get you a nice Sniper, earlier Carter or a newer phantom if anyone's interested in a straight up trade.
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Trumpet - played several years of concert band (6th-8th grade). I still have my instrument (nothing special) but really can't play anymore.

Guitar - I just purchased a lower end Fender acoustic steel-string and am picking it up pretty well. Guitars are a ton of fun!

splatttttt, I'd consider a trade for that guitar setup, but it is quite an ugly color.
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