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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
It's different for you b/c you are new here and don't know him or anybody else. I've been buying his products for 5 years, talked with him on the phone, exchanged countless emails. He is a nice person and will hopefully come through eventually.
I guess I'm trying to explain why most of us are not going to join with you and grab a pitchfork to lynch a friend of ours. I'm not there yet.
P.S. taking police action will make it much more unlikely that you will ever get anything back.
Maggot's 100% right. Look at Jeremy's feedback and you'll see that it's happened before - he just gets backed up and it takes forever for stuff to get done. He also seems to jump from job to job without finishing the last one which isn't the best way to do contracts in my experience but he's got to do what he thinks is best.

Police action never helps. Just give him some time to get stuff done and get to the post office. I know waiting sucks - been waiting since October. In fact, the only reason I joined this site was to message Jeremy lol. I know me saying "just wait" doesn't help, but the police really won't help lol.


Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Happens to me every time I go down on my sister. I told her to take care of that ****.

(Wait... what section is this in?!?)
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Wooh, cool your jets there killer! Calling the cop's will just make matters worse for everyone, you included...I doubt they can do anything and if they can your stuff going to be stuck in limbo anyways...Its not like you wrecked your car or broke your leg..Things could be worse... I do know how you feel and it will get better..
Anyone live close to jeremy and possibly help with shipping some of the older, not started orders back to the owners ? Ill cover my return shipping and im sure some others wouldnt mind that option and dealing with it in a nice calm fashion.

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Received a message back from Jeremy with in 6 hours of my mail this morning.

Not trying to form a lynch mob, I just want my stuff back which has been completed and paid for. It's not a matter of finishing work, just mailing back. Even offered additional funds to cover shipping if it will just get sent out.
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I like JC alot.. he does great work.. and life happens.. my patience has worn thin as well..but I also know he is a great guy and do not want to to be bitter towards him especially in the open forums.. He has some stuff of mine and another guy.. an EZ grip pump handle.. a sanchez mini pump guide rod.. a empire sniper pump handle.. plus the the 2 pump rods.. the project for my friend was to put the ez handle on the empire sniper.. and I wanted to have an ez handle plate made like the one from the empire sniper to make a quad rod pump.. my friend wants his EZ handle back.. which was his only part that he sent the rest is mine.. so while I know Jermey does great work.. and is slow.. I would just like to have the parts back so I can get the handle back to my friend and then think what I want to do with my project as well.. so hoping he reads this and gets in touch with me..I will pay for the items to be shipped back..
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What's his email..
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wow LOL glad i found this thread looks like there are several of us... at first i was upset but now i am alot more understanding of his situation. Sorry Jeremy for sendig so many pms i didnt know what was going on.
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Quick update: I got my pump kits in today and they are the highest quality, like always. Worth the wait. Hang in there fellas, he'll get caught up eventually.
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Good to hear maggot. Hopefully it's a sign that my stuff will be getting closer to my door also.
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I just wish he would fix the back block issue i have encountered and send the other rod with the dust black anno that we talked about.
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glad to hear parts are coming! I hope to get my half block kit and pump kit soon.
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