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New (to me) VS3 and 2012 Fenix!!!

Thank you Tedaut and Hobbes. I haven't had a chance to pull anything apart yet, don't even have tanks or batteries/chargers or hoppers or paint to do any testing. But I am officially spending money on paintball gear for the first time in a decade or so. I am sure I will have plenty of questions later on.

First ever electro markers.
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I can already tell I'm going to have to remove some unnecessary body styling around the barrel threads of the VS3. It's probably going to get a 90 degree mechanical grip frame anyways, as I am quite unsure about the rocking trigger.

The Fenix wants to go fast. It is asking for a gas-thru and a female Stabilizer... and an A5 ratchet feeding system eventually.
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Congrats on the new toys.

Play with the rocking trigger some people love it others hate it. If you want to shoot fast it'll shoot as fast as you can cycle your fingers.

The VS2 is prized over the VS3 mostly because of the styling around the barrel, it doesn't work with some barrels.

I like the VS 2/3 over the 2012 Fenix. Lower operating pressure, balanced valve, it just shoots dreamily. The Fenix is basically the classic spyder everyone modded to be, but not quite as good as some mods :P I think it's a good shooter but not as good as the VS3 that you have.

The Fenix operates at 500 psi stock, with a gas through for more volume and a bottom stab the EKO valve will go lower. I think it is a good valve that is pretty flexible for tinkering.
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The Trinity bodies look great for the VS if you can find one. Could be another route to go.
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Thanks for the response, guys.

I will definitely play with the rocking trigger, but I have already ordered the 90 degree mechanical grip frame to be modified to fit the VS3. It's happening.

I bought the VS3 specifically for the balance valve. I want to mess with the springs to float the cup seal degassed at rest, and sweet spot the reg like on a cocker/Sniper. If it doesn't work, oh well, put different springs back in it.

Other than messing with springs and regulator settings, the only real changes planned for the VS3 are milling the body and a mechanical 90 degree grip frame from a Sonix Pro.

I want the VS3 to be smooth, efficient, and reliable. With any luck, I can reduce its substantial weight by milling away some unnecessary metal. I will have to look into the Trinity body if it's immediately lighter weight.

The Fenix is going to be built more for speed, eventually getting a ratchet feeding system. The reason for the Fenix is because I didn't want to mess up the balance valve of the VS3 with the plumbing of the A5 ratchet feeding system. However, the EKO valve is begging to be messed with.

I'm hoping that I can get the Fenix operating at about 350psi before the addition of the A5 ratchet feeding system. That might be a little optimistic, but I want it running below 500psi with the air powered ratchet feeding system.

The Fenix is lacking any sort of low pressure chamber. I ordered an extra front plug, thinking I might drill and tap it for some type of volume chamber. I'm also considering buying an Azodin ZeRO system to hybrid with the EKO valve, assuming that the ZeRO system can be made to fit in place of the Fenix front plug. A low pressure chamber isn't completely necessary, though, because I will have a gas-thru grip ahead of a female Stabilizer which should be a plenty large enough reservoir of regulated air behind the valve, even with an air powered ratchet feeding system.

My biggest hurdle with the Fenix will be seeing if I can keep fully functional eyes when I add the ratchet feeding system. But that isn't for a while, so I have time to figure it out. I can always mount it high, so the A5 feeding system ratchets the ball into a modified feed neck, dropping into the chamber between the factory eyes. I don't know. We will see.

Thanks for reading.
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