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Greg egan. Some of his work can be read for free online:

Works Online

just a word of warning, the stuff is diamond hard, bordering on alternate reality rather than pure sci fi. Secondly its pretty damn dense, so if you arent a very active reader, i wouldnt suggest it.
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Fan of EMR
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

This is one of my favs

NPR's top 100

I will post more when I can.
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+1 for "Voice of the Whirwind"

As much as I'm fan Joe Haldeman's "Forever War" (wife bought me a signed first ed. :P)
he does seem to throw in naked bodies whenever he can.

I have really enjoyed the "Lost Fleet" series by Jack Campbell. Its a sea saga in space.
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David Drake- The Hammer's Slammers stories are the best. I avoid the fantasy stuff though.
Scalzi is good.
William C. Dietz too.
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May I suggest Warhammer 40k? I think all hippies were killed long ago in that series.
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David Drake's Hammer's Slammmers, RCN Series, and his other works are a fun read. William Dietz, Legions of the Damnned, The Sauron duology, The Runner Duology, and The Empire Duology. Neither Authors are hippies.

edit: I see BretG beat me to the suggestion.
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Just started reading Cheri Priest stuff.. not bad really.

Also... have to recommend two classics... Harry Turtledove and Philp K. Dick... Im reading one of his right now "The Man In The High Tower" Its more or less alternative history meets sci-fi.... Germany and Japan won, and have landed on the moon an mars among other things.

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+x to anything by Neal Stephenson, Larry Niven, or David Drake.

If you're looking for some entertaining SF adventure stories, Jerry Pournelle is pretty good too (he often collaborates with Niven, for that matter; Try The Mote In God's Eye for a good hard SF story where the "hippies" very nearly cause the extinction of humanity).
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They have already cast the Ender's Game movie so if you are going to read it do it soon.
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All good suggestions, I'd add Lois Mcmaster Bujold's vorkosigan books as a fun read. Alot of them are available in the Baen Free Library if you're an E-booker:

Authors - Baen Books

That's got alot of good authors: Bujold, Niven, Drake, laumer, saberhagen and others. Only one or two books by each writer but it lets you check them out handily!

I also love A. Bertram Chandler's Grimes novels

Of course, Heinlein FTW!

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