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For me it all balances out. Many ebooks are slightly less or slightly more than the paperback versions, but I have found many books for $0.99 or $1.99. Many times these are lesser known authors, but I have found many good reads on the cheap.

What I despise is the way they sometimes price a trilogy or series. First book - dirt cheap, Second book - $5.99, Third book - $12.99. They know they have you hooked so they exploit you for wanting to close out the series.
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It's the same with music. I buy all my music in used CDs on amazon or elsewhere. A used cd can go for less than $5 shipped but a digital download of an album is usually 8+.
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I switched to eBooks because my personal library was starting to take up too much space (and weight when moving). I'm willing to pay for the convenience of having my entire library in a small portable package that will never take up any more space than it currently does.
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I truly enjoy my Kindle. Fact is books take up lots of valuable space, especially if you have limited bag space to begin with.

That being said there are certain books I would rather read because sitting down somewhere relatively quite and feeling the pages turn is part of the enjoyment.

Regardless of where you find yourself in the world nothing is as comforting as a good read and my Kindle allows me to do this even when in the middle of literally nothing.

BUT when I feel especially homesick etc I go out of my way to get a good ol paperback. I actually derived a great deal of satisfaction from hunting for good reads amongst all of the take a book/leave a book free libraries that inevitably sprung up at some of the weirder places I have visited.

I guess you could say I am an equal opportunity reader? lol
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Don't forget to click the "XX new from XX.XX". There's usually a third party seller with a cheaper price than Amazon and equally fast shipping... plus your money stays with the little guy and not evil Amazon.
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