Living Legends 5 Living Legends at CPX - 2012

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What is "CPX Sports Living Legends Produced by Viper"

For those who have never attended CPX Sports Living Legends Produced by Viper it is one of the most unique events in paintball today. The brainchild of industry notables Paul Dagnino, Sean Scott, and Craig Miller, the event was built around the idea of having an event where the entire industry could get together and spend some "quality time" socializing and playing, as well as a place for players to get to meet and play with the people who built this sport, designed the equipment, ran the field, and won the tournaments. These are paintball's "Living Legends."

The field chosen was world-famous CPX Sports in Joliet, IL. CPX Sports is one of the most impressive paintball facilities in the world with Hollywood-style sets and a full city to play in. It's convenient central-U.S. location and proximity to all that Chicago has to offer made it a perfect fit.

Initially it began as a two day scenario event. The first year the scenario was run by Wayne Dollack and Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry. Wayne Dollack is recognized as the father of scenario paintball, and was the first to step out as a traveling national paintball scenario producer. "Viper" was a member of Marion's Raiders, the team that gave birth to the genre, and became the second national producer in 1996. Wayne had already retired from traveling so he stepped away after the first year and Viper Paintball has run the event since then.

In 2010 the NPPL spoke to CPX and opted to bring their NPPL Chicago Open tournament to Living Legends. The combination of these two national events, from both sides of paintball, made this the most unique event in the nation.

It is common to be on the field running next to Jim Lively, the organizer of paintball's first organized tournaments, and find yourself shooting at Tom Kaye, the inventor of the infamous 68 Automag, and be joined by tourney greats like Mike Paxson, Rocky Cagnoni, or Thomas Taylor.

The trade show is not to be missed as the event has the industry attraction of both sides of paintball, and two national events, all in one. You will see all of the big names as well as many smaller independent companies represented at Living Legends.

If this has you as excited as everyone else you can go straight over and register at the CPX Sports website.

You can also join our Facebook group

See you at Living Legends V: The Dark Age
Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry
Event Director: Viper Paintball

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sounds awesome !!
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My "team" has been going to this event since LL2 and we make sure to bring a good crew of guys with us every year.

It is nice to socialize with the likes of Jim Lively, Dan Colby, Larry Taylor, Sal Briguglio, Bambi Bullard, Blue Hanse, and Darryl Trent.

It is also nice to meet new people and make more friends in the world of paintball.
This sport really isn't that big and with some of the divisions, games like this bring everyone together where everyone is equal.
My guys mostly shoot pumps and we have had times where we are hunted down by team mates to help get guys out of areas because we are sometimes better at getting into the PITA spots that are "target rich".
I run the event with a Havoc launcher and need my "electro monkeys" to create a diversion so that I can take out tanks and buildings.
This event shows that we all play paintball, just the way that we get those paintballs to eliminate the opponent differ.

This is the first year that the Thunder Bay Pump Club was asked to play on a team by the general and to us that is an honour when you consider that we live in the middle of nowhere and though us being ourselves (dancing on the skirmish line) and playing with style (who rocks tank tops with sharpie and Vietnamese Rice patty hats???!).

Just my opinion...... To us this is one of the "can't miss" events
"I shoot pump because it hurts more feelings." -- ryantuomi (heard at Living Legends 2)
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"Pumping is about as much a disadvantage for me as shifting is for a Nascar driver" - Ralanti (in an email between ryantuomi, ralanti and I about playing pump)
Thunder Bay Pump Club
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