Living Legends 5 Living Legends at CPX - 2012

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Scores? We don't need to keep score. If you came out, played your heart out and did it with honor, integrity and truth, then we all win.
Now if you cheat, wipe and steal, that's another thing all together.....

V, as long as you put them on, I will do what I can to attend.
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I must say Sir that I am very impressed at the way you are a stand up producer and are very straight forward with the players.

I wish that you would come down to the southeast and set up some games as we are missing out down here on your level honesty at events. Rigging scores to keep the game even ends up cheating all of the players then everyone loses.

I wish that I could have made this event, maybe next year.


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just chiming in to agree with everybody else here. i unfortunately wasnt even able to make it out to LL, so i'm not directly affected, but my enjoyment of any scenario, big game, or even just a day of rec ball, has never hinged on whether i came out on top.

from what i can tell, everybody had an incredible time at your event.
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